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Found 13 results

  1. Good afternoon, I'm using the PV*SOL 2020 version and I have inverter configuration problem . When I choose select configuration using Sungrow SG110CX inverter I get this error of " No suitable inverter configuration ... " But when I try to use the same inverter in manual configuration, this works well. So, What is the problem with the selection configuration ? knowing that I am using the same system with the same panels: suntech STP330-24/Vfw Kind regards
  2. Hi I would like to include relatively larger inverters form SMA in my simulation as im planning a system with 1,3 MW approx. Unfortunately the the largest inverter from SMA that is availbale now in PVSOL liberary is the SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE1. SMA has larger inverters in the market such as SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 and SUNNY TRIPOWER 75. Is there a specific reason why those products are not included in the liberary? Thanks
  3. Hi Is it possible to show the inverter load factor in the generated report? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I would like you to add more products to the database. I have send mail to the database@val.... but not heard back. Data sheets is attached to the products. Inverter: Huawei "SUN2000-60KTL-MO" Panels: Suntech Power 320 W "STP320-24/Vfw" Suntech Power 270 W "STP270-20/Wfw" Thanks in advance. /Victor Huawei SUN2000-60KTL-MO.pdf Suntech_iec_stp325_vfw(mc4_325_320_315)_3.2.pdf en_stp275_wfw(mc4_275_270_265).pdf
  5. Dear PV-sol experts, I have a question regarding the calculation of the dimension factor, influenced by the cos phi and the AC Power Rating of the inverter. 1. When using the Huawei SUN2000-36KTL inverter with the posted output specs, PV-Sol is taking the "Rated AC active Power" (from data sheet, picture 1) both as the "AC Power Rating [kVA]" and as the "AC Active Power [kW] (cos(phi)=1)". (picture 2) If i change the cos(phi) to 0,9, the "AC Active Power [kW] (cos(phi)=0,9)" changes regarding to that (picture 3) Actual question: It was my understanding, that the3
  6. Dear PV*Sol team, I have two main issues that do not allow me to validate my simulation results of the attached SPS system: 1. Although I fully configured my SPS system with 4 ungrouped inverters, in the "Results" tab, "PV System Energy Balance" section, "Inverter" subsection, there are 3 Inverter groups: "Inverter 1" (2xSMA Sunny Tripower 7000), "Inverter 2" (1xSMA Sunny Tripower 7000), and "Inverter 3" (1xSMA Sunny Tripower 7000). Why did this happen and how can I fix it and split them back into 1 inverter per inverter group in the results tab? 2. Although I fully configured m
  7. Hi, It is not possible for me to let Pvsol sugest configuration of my inverters since I am unable to slect more inverters to the selection of inveterers. I have no prefrences and am trying to get the program to select from ALL inverters but still I get the error message that there are no possible configurations. How can I select the whole range of inverters to the selection? Thank you i andvance! Josefine HyllieWest.pvprj
  8. Ich bekomme keine Solaredge-Optimierer als Wechselrichter in das System integriert. Bei der Auswahl von Solaredge als Hersteller bekomme ich keine Wechselrichter in der Auswahl zur Verfügung gestellt, obwohl sie in der Datenbank vorhanden sind. Gibt es eine Lösung dafür?
  9. Anyone ever solved the Externe Excpection E0434352 ?
  10. Dear fellow PVSol users and administrators, How can I select just one inverter when I have multiple orientations in PVSol? I'm simulating a photovoltaic system for a building with 3 different orientations with 3 roof areas in each orientation that in PVSol are 12 module areas in total (as shown in the thumbnails ), but I can't configure all the 12 selected areas together in a single inverter . I would be very grateful for any help you are able to provide.
  11. [Tutorial] PVSOL premium 2017 - Configure two dormers to one string How to configure two dormers (module areas) to one string In the 3D environment, go to the page "Module configuration" Click on the button with the hand symbol to open the window "Define Module Areas" Now click on the import button to import all module arrays Combine the groups by clicking the button "Combine Selection". Make sure that the groups are checked Click the "Configure" button Use the "Suggest Configuration" feature to select a suitable inverter Now both dormers are comb
  12. Hi, I have the following problem: I don't know why I'm getting such big Regulation of radiation peaks losses (see attached file). Can someone explain what it's this factor for PVSol? maybe I understood it wrong and I'm not seeing what is really my problem. I would be very grateful for any help you are able to provide.
  13. How can I configure two module arrays to one inverter?
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