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  1. Hallo PVSOL Team, ich würde gerne die Frage nochmal wiederholen, da die Situation mit Mieterstrom im Jahr 2021 besser aussieht und noch mehr anfragen dazu kommen. Gibt es irgendwelche Möglichkeit, dass man eine Wirtschaftlichkeitsanalyse einer PV-Anlage mit Mieterstrom-Modell (durch PVSOL) berechnen kann? Vielen Dank M.Khalifa
  2. Hi I would like to include relatively larger inverters form SMA in my simulation as im planning a system with 1,3 MW approx. Unfortunately the the largest inverter from SMA that is availbale now in PVSOL liberary is the SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE1. SMA has larger inverters in the market such as SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 and SUNNY TRIPOWER 75. Is there a specific reason why those products are not included in the liberary? Thanks
  3. One more thing that could be also included is a summry of the total number of inverters required. For example if i have a project which includes a diffrent types or sizes of inverters, I would like to see a list/table that summarizies how many inverters are needed from each type. Thanks again! Khalifa
  4. Hi Martin, This is exactly what I meant. I find it very useful to include the inverter sizing factor in the report. It would be great if this feature can be considered in the redesigned report. Thanks and looking forward to the new update! Khalifa
  5. Hi Is it possible to show the inverter load factor in the generated report? Thanks!
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