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    • Dear Martin Thank you for support - now I  can see what I need.     BR Jaroslaw  
    • Hi Jaroslaw, one important thing first: The climate data we use in PV*SOL are no real-time weather data of the current year! The data is a compilation of the past 20 or 30 years, this is an important difference, please have a look here: https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/calculation/irradiation/climate-data/#what-are-climate-data-sets-what-does-typical-mean-year-mean But nevertheless, you can of course have a detailed look at the instantaneous power of the system in the diagram editor on the page 'Results', under 'Simulation'. Choose 'Select data series' to select the series 'PV energy AC minus standby use': There you see the AC power in Watts.   And your electrician actually gave you a good advice. Your installed power on the DC side is 9920 W, the max output on the AC side is 9000 W, so you have a dimensioning factor of 110 % (9920 / 9000). This is a very reasonable system design, as you very rarely reach the full 9920 W with your system. It is better to choose a slightly smaller inverter, that saves you money and the amount of energy that you loose is negligible. Hope that helps! Kind regards, Martin
    • Hallo myrza, die Sunny Islands von SMA sind alles einphasige Geräte, daher braucht man in dreiphasigen Systemen immer mindestens drei Geräte, also eins pro Phase. Musst du für deine Masterarbeit wirklich ein Offgrid-System dimensionieren? Wenn nicht, wähle die Anlagenart "Netzgekoppelte PV-Anlage mit el. Verbrauchern und Batterie-System". Da hast du dann auch Speichersysteme zur Auswahl, die man direkt so kaufen kann. Ich denke, du meinst wahrscheinlich eher sowas? Beste Grüße, Martin
    • Hi I have created nice simulation of my system on my house. I used Solar Edge equipment (SE9K+optimizers P370), no akku, Q.Cells ModulsG4.1 310W; all connected in 1 string. House is oriented: 247°(17 moduls)), 67°(11 moduls), 157° (4 moduls). According to PVSol simulation I should be able to produce about: 9492kWh pro year.   And now is my question:  can I somehow check the instant AC power genereted at specific day? For example I would like to see what is the max AC power of my system at 21.9.2018 or to see how this AC power change during the day. I asked because my electrician suggested for 9920W (32x310W) to use inventer SE9K (max AC output 9000W)- he said that I my system with such orientation will not be able to generete more than 9000W - how can I check by PVSol SIM the max AC genereted power every day?  I assume that the data are somehow available in the simulation, how to find them?   Thank you for answer   BR Jaroslaw      
    • Thank you very much for the kind words! We are very pleased to hear that