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    • Hello, 1. I would like to ask how to understand the parameter "Price of Electricity sold to Third Party"?  I noticed that it does not change "Revanue or Savings" regardless of the value entered.  2. How is "Revanue or Savings" calculated? 3. How to understand the parameter "Cutoff" in "Energy Supply Account"?
    • Hi Dennis, I have had the same problem when we work with big projects, if you  adopt data in 3D Visualization, save the project and close it, once you reopen the project the problem should be fixed. kind regards Jon
    • Dear Lenka, in PV*SOL we don't display the DST in our results. That is, when you see a time stamp saying August 13 16:00, it means that your watch would show 17:00 if you are in a region with DST (like Europe for example). That is what we do, correct. We decided not to move data in the diagram. The reason is that you would create a data gap of one hour when the time switches from winter to summer, and you would have an overlap of data in autumn, when you switch back. And additionaly the DST rules can get very complex around the globe, so we decided to provide standard winter time. But yes, if you read the diagrams, the time stamps in summer must be moved one hour forward. Kind regads, Martin
    • Dear José, I am sorry that you are not able to work with the 3D environment anymore. Could you give some more detail, if possible? What exactly happens when you start 3D? Could you provide screenshots, please? And also, please provide the log file "PVSOLpremium.log" that you can find at C:\ProgramData\Valentin EnergieSoftware\log Thanks in advance, Martin
    • Good afternoon,  I am wondering, does PV*Sol take into account summer time (or Day Saving Time)? Or does it use only the winter time throughout a year? In that case, daily power diagram in summer months should be moved one hour forward to correspond with the actual time, doesn't it? Thank you,  Lenka
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