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    • Hi Belal, I had a deeper look at our algorithms. The energy savings are calculated with the efficiency of the boiler. Please double click on the boiler (even if you don't use it in your simulation) and set the efficiencies all on 100 %. After this the savings equal exactly the solar contribution. There is a second way I describe below. It is inconsistent that the heating element doesn't have it's own efficiency. I issued a bug entry in our tracking system. --- The equation for the calculation of the energy savings is equal for all fuels:             savings = solar contribution / efficiency / heating value efficiency: 1. Either the efficiency of the boiler as described above or 2. the "Annual efficiency of the reference system" as defined on the tab "Savings" at the parameter dialog of the system (double click on a free area in the picture).  #2 (if enabled) has precedence over the boiler efficiency. heating value: For electricity it is 1 by definition.   Kind regards
    • Hi Yvar, if you zoom out far enough, the module labels will disappear at some point. But there is no option to disable them completely in the module configuration section. You can, however, disable the display of the module numer (the last digit), perhaps this decreases the complexity enough? Kind regards, Martin
    • Dear sir, madame, I'm trying to make a sketch of the string configuration of a system for our installer. I finished the configuration and could take a nice screenshot of the strings with all a different color (but without text inside the panel), as you can see in the example. Unfortunately, I had too change some panels and now i cannot get the modules in color without the text (which is much to busy for our installers). Was there a bug last time i made the screenshot or is there an option i can click so i don't get the text?   EDIT: Never mind, it is just a matter of zooming Kind regards,   Yvar 
    • Hi Tim, see this post here for reference: https://forum.valentin-software.com/topic/468-curved-building-in-pvsol You could also import your own 3D model that you have created with another 3D software like Sketchup or similar, but you should be aware of the fact that you can only place PV modules on flat surfaces. This is why you will have to approximate your round roof with several sections of plane surfaces. Hope that helps, Martin