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    • Hallo Team, I was trying to compare system performace for a project using different modules. I found it interesting that the module surface reflection losses with Qcells 345 Wp and SunPower 390 Wp modules are zero. Whereas, the losses are significant when I used Glass-Glass modules (Sonnenstromfabrik and Solarwatt). The Sonnenstromfabrik module I used for simulation is not present in the database and so i added it myself. If it happens that Glass-Glass modules have higher reflection losses, i wonder how PV*Sol considered the module that I added as Glass-Glass (of course, I mentioned it in the name of the module). Also, isn't it strange that the losses are zero for Qcells or someother module? To my knowledge, no matter how good the anti-reflection layer is and no matter how good the cell surface polishing during fabrication for total-internal-reflection is, there will be reflection losses. Please correct me if i am wrong. Attached are screenshots of Energiebilanz for different modules. Please see the attachment for screenshots of Energiebilanz. In case you wanna check my tool settings, i have also attached a Test project. It is not the same as the project in discussion but it should allow you to see the settings. Screenshots.docx Test.pvprj
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    • Hey there, I remember reading a similar question sometime in this Forum but couldn't find it in the moment. The question is, I see different energy values in the report.  the monthly generation values adds upto 14.191 kWh   where as,  the value post the losses shows 17.993 kWh but at the end the PV Generated Energy values shows 18.004 kWh. could you please help me with this?
    • Hi Thanks for your prompt reply. I guessed that could be the issue so I had turn off the boiler by deselecting all the months so the operating times is zero days.  But still as I increase the tank volume from 300 to 800 liters the tank average temperature remains constant. How can this be possible? I greatly appreciate your reply. Kind regards   
    • Dear PV Sol Team, This is a general question on how shading of module is determined by PV Sol What is the smallest unit that PV Sol takes into account for shading analysis. Is it module or sub-module (series string of cells protected by one bypass diode) ? And how is diffused radiation distributed on the shaded modules ?. Is the diffused radiation distributed equally on all modules? i think diffused radiation is lower on near shaded modules and so missmatch losses would actually be higher than what it is calculated when an even distribution of diffused radiation is considered. Please correct me if i'm wrong
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