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  2. Hi patrik k, here is the corrected file. If some single string like here is affected: you can select just the string you do want to correct and change the starting point if necessary: After this, the configuration should be correct: Sometimes those manual steps are necessary. I hope this helps! Best regards, Frederik
  3. Hi! I also get the same problem as Ola above. Everytime I try to save the file, or configure the modules I get a message saying an error has occurred. Best regards, Helena
  4. Last week
  5. Hi patrik k, I also tried to change the way the modules are connected by changing starting point and way of connection and after some experimenting it seems that some instructions like the starting point are not always adopted. Sometimes you have to reset the the configuration and start again. Be aware that a selection of the INVerter or the MPPTracker from the list could make a difference in the configuration. I passed this project for further inspection, since sometimes the configuration works and sometimes not. We are identifying the problem. A workaround could be to
  6. Thx Frederik for detailed and honest reply. Hope your work on new software will be rewarded. All the best.
  7. Ich muss ein Herrenhaus planen.. wenn ich die Gebäudetiefe verringer, ist auch das Dach kleiner..das soll aber nicht. Das Dach steht tatsächlich ziemlich weit rüber. Wie ist es möglich die Module weiter runterzuziehen über den Dachüberstand?
  8. Hey Valentin Team, I tried simulating one of our PV systems with Fronius ECO 27 inverter, which as per its Datenblatt, has max input voltage of 1.000V The modules I used are SOLON R-WF 120p.2/370 with max Voc of 40,81V There is a warning that max Voc of inverter is crossed when I used 24 modules (24*40,81 = 980V) on one string. What am I missing here?? Thank you!!
  9. Faruk

    Automate PV*SOL

    Hi Frederik, Thank You for the information. Best regards, Faruk
  10. Hallo Ivan, welche Version von PV*SOL benutzt du denn? In der aktuellen Version (premium 2021 R6), mit aktuellem Datenbank-Stand, gibt es unzählige neoom-Systeme, auch weit über 50kW. Beste Grüße, Martin
  11. Hi Santiago, you're correct. The number of tanks only increases the number of parallel connected tanks. The boiler remains single as it is. Please allow me some notes about your drawing: - Why do the tanks have an inflow on top where they are hot? Normally, the inflow is at the bottom and the outflow at the top. - What is the meaning of the second inflow on the left side (the bottom arrow) that is distributed to every collector field? Kind regards
  12. Ich stehe vor dem selben Problem. Gibt es wirklich keine Lösung für so ein standard Dach?
  13. Andres

    Energy flowchart

    ok, thanks you. But if you want to. can you show me, how can change the parameters to let just 80% to comsumption and 20% to the grid? cause, i keep trye to, but i don't get it. thanks
  14. Hallo Martin, das klingt eigentlich genau richtig. Richte deinem Kollegen gerne aus, dass er sich bei uns melden kann. Einfach an die E-Mail Adresse meines Profils. Viele Grüße, Andreas
  15. Sehr geehrtes Team, bei der Verschaltung der PV Anlage kann man bei den Batteriewechselrichter z.B. neoom (Kjuube 10 kW) wählen, aber nicht größer wie z.b. neoom Blokk 50kW ?? Warum ist das so ? lg Puskaric Ivan
  16. Hi Martin, thank you for the response! Yep that solution works, thanks again! Cheers! Jordan
  17. Hi Jordn, in PV*SOL we always simulate years without leap day. So if you import a leap year, the leap day is filtered out so that the year can be simulated. With half-hourly values, these are the 48 values that are missing. The total energy is thus reduced by the energy consumption of that one day. If you want to keep the original total annual energy amount, you could enter that value in the annual energy field after importing the profile. Kind regards, Martin
  18. Hallo fedorov26, es scheint, als wäre die PhotoPlan-Planung nicht fertig. Lade doch mal das PhotoPlan-Beispielprojekt und schaue, ob es dann so aussieht bei dir: Beste Grüße, Martin
  19. Hallo Fabian, das freut uns zu hören. Woran lag es denn? Vielleicht hilft deine Lösung auch anderen Usern weiter.. Dank und Gruß, Martin
  20. Hallo Andreas, wenn du mit Stammdaten unsere Produktdatenbank meinst, gäbe es in der Tat eine Möglichkeit. Wir können Firmenkunden den direkten Zugriff auf unsere Datenbank per API ermöglichen. Wenn es das ist, was ihr benötigt, würde ich meinem Kollegen aus dem B2B-Projektmanagement Bescheid geben, dass er sich bei dir meldet und ihr die Details klären könnt. Wenn ich deine Anfrage falsch verstanden habe, bitte nochmal kurz erklären, welche Daten ihr genau exportieren möchtet. Viele Grüße, Martin
  21. Hi patrik k, I am sorry, I found out that I am also limited by the messenger storage. I just freed up some space by deleting old messages. Could you send the file again? Thank you in advance! Frederik
  22. @frederikI have sent it to the inbox of @developer_fw did you get it?
  23. Hi, I have a doubt about "numbers of tanks". I don't know if quantity of auxiliar heating equipment increase when I add tanks. I am using A1-DHW system. I want to use this sketch
  24. Hi Marta, please refer to this thread: Best regards, Frederik
  25. Hi Andres, the energy flow graph is painted with the data from the simulation results. It is not possible to set a strict distribution and let the simulation do the rest, since there are many parameters which influence each other. But you could change your input parameters with every simulation to approximate the desired results. Best regards, Frederik
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