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    Dear PVSOL team, Is there a way to centre / fit better the project overview photo generated in the presentation? I noticed that the picture is always cut and it doesn't catch the entire view of the project layout. Thank you and appreciate your feedback on this issue. Alex Suciu
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    Dear Remu, merci beaucoup pour votre question. If you want to supply all colleagues with the same database, the procedure described in the thread is correct, but in the meanwhile, the database files can be found in the directory C:\ProgramData\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVdatabase\Version6.0 The file you have to copy is "PVSOL.sdf" If you don't see the folder ProgramData on your C drive, select the option for hidden items in the Windows Explorer: A side note: In the next major release, PV*SOL premium 2020 R1, which will be published in January 2020, we introduce online databases, where you can very easily share database entries across different computers. Kind regards, Martin
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    Dear James, I was in contact with someone from Trina some weeks ago and they have entered some new products but the specified one was not amongst them. Solis hasn't entered anything during the last to months. So, the 5G inverters are still not in the database. I will contact both manufacturers and ask them to enter the new products. The next database update is planned for beginnig of next week. Best regards Sixten
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    The topics of the webinar: - On-Grid system - with net metering and electric vehicle - MeteoSyn - Load profiles - Photo Plan, Roof view - Polymorphic configuration and power optimizers
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