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PVSol - Residential Battery Energy Storage System + Inverter Compatibility


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Hi there,

I have a residential project I'm working on and the client is looking to maximize their solar PV output on 2 roof surfaces. The system size is beyond a typical domestic application (10.94kW system size). The client has an existing EV charger and electric air source heat pump, so the demand is present. They would also like us to provide them with a BESS system.

Due to STC currents being high for this project (likely down to PV array size) and it being a UK domestic supply at 230V single phase, my inverter options are limited to Fronius GEN24 Plus and Solis S5 hybrid inverters due to their high STC capabilities. There are 2 arrays on the project, 3.65kW (9 x 405W Viridian in roof) from a 3.6kW inverter and 7.29kW (18 x 405W Viridian in roof) from a 6kW inverter.

The issue I'm now facing is that there are options available to me for compatible BESS systems with these manufacturers, but they are not available in PVSOL, Fronius are limited to BYD and LG, and Solis have a large list of compatible systems (BYD, Pylontech etc). The supplier only stocks BYD, Pylontech, GivEnergy, Dyness and solaredge. I'd like to use either BYD, Pylontech or Dyness on this project, but they don't seem to be available - is anyone aware of any "like for like" battery systems I could use to simulate either BYD LVS or LVL system or the Pylontech US5000 system? Alternatively, any guidance on how to set up a custom BESS system?

I'm at a loss here and have no idea how to progress this project, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello JLAW

Firstly: At the moment it is not possible to combine BEVs with heating I'm afraid. You could provide the profiles as consumption though.

On 7/12/2023 at 8:36 PM, JLAW said:

Alternatively, any guidance on how to set up a custom BESS system?

We do try to keep our online database up-to-date. When there is a product missing, you could create your own version meanwhile to be able to simulate the desired system.


Kind regards

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