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  1. Dear Miguel, thank you for your questions regarding the consumption profiles. All load profiles have a resolution of at least one hour. Most predefined load profiles have a resolution of 15min or 1min. In case of the BDEW profiles it is 15min. You can see the number of values when selecting the profile: Or, when having selected the profile, you'll see the resolution in the status on the right: The actual profile can be analysed after the simulation, at Results -> Simulation -> Diagram Editor. There you have either the option to select the consumption time series or the carpet plot: These diagrams will also be available directly on the consumption page in our new major release PV*SOL premium 2021 R1 (planned for November 2020), so that they are more accessible. This feature will also be added in the next major release PV*SOL premium 2021 R1 (planned for November 2020). It was available in past releases, however, so if you wish, you can refer to this thread to see your options: Hope that helps, kind regards, Martin
  2. Hello Lee, the message that there is no internet connection available is not related to paying for an update or so. Updates are always included if you have a valid software maintenance contract. When you purchase you get 6 months of updates for free. See more here: https://valentin-software.com/en/products/software-maintenance/ You can contact our sales team with your customer number so they can explain the details. Which version have you been purchasing? Try to download the newest version and do a fresh install, this might help: https://valentin-software.com/en/downloads/ Kind regards, Martin
  3. Dear Vishnu, yes, there have been some changes in the simulation core. If you can tell me the program version of PV*SOL that was used to run the simulations in the first place, I can identify the changes that are responsible for the change of the simulation results. You can also have a look at the changelogs here: https://valentin-software.com/en/products/pvsol-premium/ Kind regards, Martin
  4. very nice work, Jordn! This looks really amazing.
  5. Dear Ashraf, we were able to identify the problem. A solution will be published in the next release, PV*SOL premium 2020 R9. The solution will fix the issue that the automatic configuration is not able to find a valid configuration for the Sungrow SG110CX. Kind regards, Martin
  6. Hi Ricardo, thank you for notifying us of the missing inverter. I will forward this request to our database team, so that they can take care of it. You can also write to them directly for future requests at database@valentin-software.com. Kind regards, Martin
  7. Here's the link: https://downloads.valentin.de/pvsol/setup_pvsolpremium_2019_14.exe Kind regards, Martin
  8. Hi Mads, thank you for your question. Unfortunately we have not yet implemented this feature that we had in the past in the new consumption dialog. We will implement it as soon as possible. Right now the only solution for you would be to define such a load profile in PV*SOL (premium) 2019 and then import it in PV*SOL (premium) 2020. Kind regards, Martin
  9. Dear Ashraf Elawad, thank you for reporting this problem. We are currently analyzing the issue, and we will get back to you as soon as we have an answer. Kind regards, Martin
  10. Hi Ricardo, thank you for the file. I just opened it in PV*SOL premium 2020 R8 and it simulates fine, without crash. Perhaps you can check if you have these options set to "no", this saves some memory in some cases: Kind regards, Martin
  11. Hi Ricardo, yes, we have that on our list, along with other improvements for the usibility of the 3D environment. Kind regards, Martin
  12. Dear PV*SOL users, as you all might know, the Intersolar 2020 had to be cancelled this year. But our usual trade fair discount is available anyway, have a look here: https://valentin-software.com/en/news/termine/trade-fair-discount-without-trade-fair/ Kind regards, Martin
  13. Hallo liebe PV*SOL-Nutzer, von heute an gibt es anlässlich der leider ausgefallenen Intersolar 2020 Live-Events, neue Tutorial-Videos und attraktive Messerabatte! Mehr dazu hier: https://valentin-software.com/news/termine/online-programm-statt-intersolar/ Beste Grüße, Martin
  14. Dear Ricardo, sure we can have a look at your file. Could you send it via private message here, please? Kind regards, Martin
  15. Dear Ricardo, I fear that I must agree with Timgreen's comment. This is not possible, I am afraid. Kind regards, Martin
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