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  1. Hi Martin and Burak, Thanks for the Infos! can I ask about the case of "Ausfallvergütung". is it possible to calculate it in PVSol ? Thank you!
  2. Hallo, ist den WP Verbrauchanteil als PV optimiert gerechnet? wie kann man ein Überwachungssystem mit smart steuerung der Geräte in PVSol simulieren! beste Grüße!
  3. K24

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    Hi, thanks for the brilliant idea and the interaction with the users! - would be helpful if we can connect a battery pack to each MPPT in one inverter when dealing with DC coupled Storage systems! I would also suggest providing part of PVSol source code with the users, and make some parts of the Program's GUI customisable with each user's needs!
  4. Thanks for your reply Vishnu! the DC/AC ratio is always around 1.0!
  5. Danke für die Möglichkeit! Hier sind meine Vorschläge: - der Strangplan für mehrere Flächen in einem PDF exportieren. - Strangplan bei Flachdach Anlagen erstellen. - eine Screenshot für den Kabelplan nehmen.
  6. Hello dear PVSol team, I have a few questions! Which results are more precise when applying feed-in control. should the minute values be activated for <10 kWp PV systems? Is there a specific diffuse radiation model that gives better results in this case? Thanks in advance and best regards!
  7. Hello dear PVSol team, I have a question regarding the Load profile of a Smart Heater that uses surplus PV energy, how to define this load in PVSol? Best regards Karam EGO_Smart_Heater_klein.pdf
  8. Hi Martin, Thanks for the your helpful response! I used the feature to compare the IV curves as you mentioned. Do you (or any colleague in this forum) have/has an explanasion for the abnormality in the IV curve of MPPT 2 ? (please see the attached screenshots) Beste Grüße Karam
  9. Hello, I have a general technical question; is it ok to connect 2 strings with different modules number to one MPPT (18 and 19 for example when using the polystring feature in PV sol). I've read on some forums that there are losses due the voltage mismatch and the MPPT tracks the string with the lowest performance; but is it really a red line for PV designers or it's just not preferable and I can do it only when necessary? Thanks in advance Karam
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