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  1. Thank you Martin for reply, To clarify situation here. Right now i can`t make bifacial installation like on picture with title "Bifacial two sides" and and proper Generator Energy calculated. I can make it like on picture with title "Facade one side" but this is not resolve my problem because i need installation with 90 degree mounting and modules on both sides. Is there any workaround for now to achive this ? Regards
  2. Hello Valentin Team, I`ve created 3D project with bifacial modules (east/west) I don`t know if i do something wrong or there is a problem in aplication but in "Calculation": PV Generator Energy (AC grid) probably calculates energy only for one side. I`v done some tests and facade configuration heading to west producing the same amount of energy as bifacial setup heading to east/west. Calculation works correctly in 2D. Bifacial and facade projects included in attachment. Niemierzyno_1.pvprj Niemierzyno_1_proba_usun.pvprj Niemierzyno2d.pdf
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