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  1. Hi I have a question regarding PVsol computer usage. In the attachment you can find performance tab from task manager while running PVsol together with other software. Screenshot is while im running simulation (adopt data). Why PVsol doesn't use more resources to perform these actions faster ? (extrenal GPU and so) It seems to me that there is no big difference of running PVsol on powerful PC/ laptop configuration cause it just don utilities resource well. (im speaking from first hand experience on different configurations ) Thanks
  2. Hi , true I also found SAJ Suntrio R5 series missing. Thx Belgium R5-3-8K-S2 Catalogue-2020-09-11 En.pdf
  3. Hi, I got simulation error afterwards. I cant choose correct inverter and batteries and therefore I cant simulate it. Here is what I calculated: i need 6 330W panels. battery capacity should be bigger than 250mAh with DoD 50% i need two days of autonomy in the summer daily consumption is 12kWh irradiation is 1528 kWh/m2. I will send you project privately. Thanks
  4. Hi everyonee, has anyone managed to design off grid system using pvsol. I just cant choose right battery inverter and battery system. Is there any tutorial or webinar about offgrid pvsol systems. I hand calculated all what I need, but i just cant simulate or choose desired configuration. In the attachment you can see the tab that is bothering me. Thanks in advance
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