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  1. Hello, There are still the same value. I also wanted to mention that ther is no SUN2000-5KTL-M1 in database
  2. I think that there is a mistake on: Electrical data - other Change in Efficiency when Input Voltage deiates from Rated Voltage in %/100V Picture in attachment in other KTL-M1 there is 0,18
  3. Hello, Is it possible to use one license on two devices? It is about a laptop and a desktop computer. I will add that it will never be used simultaneously. Both device is owned by me and will be used only by me.
  4. Hello, I would like refresh the topic. Is the shading frequency in percentage on 3D simulation can be treated as the time of year when they are partly shaded?
  5. Hello, Could you say what is the methodology for calculating the minimum voltage for MPP?? I add print screen for calcuation made by PVSol for Fronius ECO 27 and LONGi HPH 320 (both products from build-in database) Why the min MPP is so low? My reasoning: Tvoc = -0,286 deltaT = 70-25 = 45 45*(-0,286) = ~ -13% Vmpp = 33,9 Vmpp at 70°C = 33,9 - (33,9* 0,13) = 33,9 - 4,41 = 29,49 20*29,49 = 589,8 Calculation from Fronius Solar Configurator:
  6. Hi, Any updates regarding my comments above?
  7. Hello, I would like to refresh the topic. Now net metering for Poland is not correct. at present: Type of Feed-in upper limit - Share of generated energy (it reduce from total production of energy) It should be Share of Grid Feed-in (should reduce from energy feed into the grid) Next problem is on the presentation: On Section Project Overview in "The yield" there is a Solar Fraction which show Direct Own use / total consumption in % - it should name "own solar fraction" or something like that On section Simulation Results we also get Solar fraction but this time it is PV Generator Energy (AC grid) / total consumption in % - in Poland Net mettering it should be counted in this way: (Direct own use + Grid Feed in*80% or 70%) / Total consumption and it should name "total solar fraction" or something like that. - 80% or 70% it should result from the range in the net metering tariff settings
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