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  1. Hello, 1. I would like to ask how to understand the parameter "Price of Electricity sold to Third Party"? I noticed that it does not change "Revanue or Savings" regardless of the value entered. 2. How is "Revanue or Savings" calculated? 3. How to understand the parameter "Cutoff" in "Energy Supply Account"?
  2. Ok, good to know. Could you tell me is it possible to pull the dormer out of the roof (to increase its length) ?
  3. OK I understand. I have a basic question. How do I undo the last action I took during 3D modeling? Regards, Jakub
  4. I already know that I can add a new tariff. I asked about how to set the possibility of storing energy in a public network, not selling it. I just need to set the option that 80% of the energy can be recovered. I do not need to set prices, etc. Regards, Jakub
  5. Thanks for quick answer. Please, tell me how to set that option, when i am making calculations for Poland. There is no Poland in the list. Now we have net-metering and we can receive 80% of the energy stored in the public network. How to set it correctly? Regards, Jakub
  6. Hello, How to set increasing of the price of electrisity in the next years ? Regards, Jakub
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