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Bug in Sun Shadow Animation on PV Sol

José Carlos

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Dear Support,
I just download a trial version of PVSOL Premium. 
I did litle tests and I found (I guess!) a bug. 
When I ask to the PVSOL to do the animation of solar shadow, the Sun shadows looks like if my position is at north of 
equatorial line (North Hemisphere). But I am at Brazil, South Hemisphere. Can I fix that problem ? 
Thank you

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Hi José Carlos,

thanks for your report. I compared a south hemisphere animation with one in the north but I couldn't find implausibilities. In the south hemisphere the sun at noon is in the northern sky as expected. Could you describe the problem you are experiencing in more detail?

I looked at the course of the equator on Wikipedia and saw that it runs through northern Brazil. If your location in Brazil is north of the equator, this could be the reason why the animation behaves as it does in the northern hemisphere.

Kind regards

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Thanks Mr (s) Mikio,

My location is south of the equator (-16.67299, -49.27268). I am sending you attached image. There you can see the real shadows in the Google Maps photos and de animation shadows from PVSOL. You will see in the image the right shadows came from the sun in North (the right ), but in the PVSOL simulation, the shadows came from the sun in the South (what is the problem I am talking about).


Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards


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Dear José Carlos,

I guess what you experience there is that you have selected the location on the maps in the 3D environment, but perhaps not as climate data?

Please close the 3D environment (you can adopt all data, if you wish), go back to the main application, head to the page "Tipo de sistema, clima e rede", and select the correct location:


Then, when you enter 3D, the shadows are displayed correctly.

Kind regards,


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