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  1. Hi Himanshu, if you want to compare two PV plant designs, I would recommend the project comparison: https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/project-comparison/ Kind regards, Martin
  2. Hi Ricardo, thanks for the project. These are two different module types and if you select all of them, the generator power is calculated from the total number of modules and the lower of the two module powers. This only affects the display, however, the correct generator power will be displayed during interconnection and after exiting 3D. But I will set the issue on our list as it can easily confuse. Thanks for reporting! Kind regards, Martin
  3. Hi Ricardo, thank you for reporting this with such illustrative pictures, this will make it easier for us to locate the problem. Would it be possible for you to send us the project where that happens? You can send it by private message here in the forum. Thanks, and kind regards, Martin
  4. Hello Niclas, in the results section there is a diagram that shows the PV yield over the complete observation period, taking into account the module degradation: Hope that helps, kidn regards, Martin
  5. Hi Daniel, most probably the down regulation on account of the max AC power is due to the sizing factor, yes. In general, those losses increase with an increasing sizing factor. Also be sure to simulate those losses in 1min resolution. In 1h time steps this effect can't be simulated realistically. But if you want, you can send over a project so that we can have a look in detail. Kind regards, Martin
  6. Hi Daniel, if you are missing the values at low light conditions, you can choose the standard low light behaviour. In most of the cases we will then use the two-diodes model internally. We also have the pan file support on our list in order to make it possible to import pan files in the future, but for now I can't give a date for that. Kind regards, Martin
  7. Hey Reint, on the results page there is the diagram editor. Select the data series you want to see and click 'ok': Kind regards, Martin
  8. Hallo mlo, ja, die Ertragsverluste unterscheiden sich schon je nach Montage und Einbausituation. Könntest du uns die vergleichenden Projektdateien zur Verfügung stellen, dann können wir das besser nachvollziehen. Gerne als private Nachricht hier im Forum. Danke und viele Grüße, Martin
  9. Hi Holm, I am glad you found out! If you need further assistance, please let us know! See also our help pages here: https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/ Best wishes, kind regards, Martin
  10. Hi Paul, thank you for the schematics! Are the electrical loads connected to the grid directly, that is, after the voltage stabilizer? I see that the MPPTs are connected directly to the batteries? Is it possible with this setup, that the PV is directly covering the loads? And, last question: Do you primarily intend to analyse the grid connected case or the offgrid case? Kind regards, Martin
  11. Hi Photovoltaique83, thank you for the input. Do you have special solar carports in mind? Can you give examples of manufacturers? The idea of virtual storage tariffs is great, we also have some providers here in Germany. We definetely have that on our list, as this topic will be increasingly important in the future. Thank you for pointing us out on the providers in France! Kind regards, Martin
  12. Hi Rick, there is no out-of-the-box solution for designing DC-only systems in PV*SOL right now, I am afraid. One possible solution would be to interpret the AC mains as your DC bus, set the voltage to your DC voltage (12 or 24 or 48 V or so), and interpret the PV inverters as DC/DC converters. It will work, and energetically the errors that you'll make are small. It is not the nicest solution, I know, but it will work. If you are not connected to the grid, you will have to choose a stand-alone (offgrid) system type in PV*SOL: https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/pages/system-type
  13. Hi SPS, there is a feature called maximum power clipping, in the "AC mains" dialog on the page "System type, climate and grid". The value is given in percent. You want to limit the power to 24 kW AC and you have 39,68 kWp installed on the DC side, so your value will be 60 %. Hope that helps, kind regards, Martin
  14. Hi Reint, thanks for the data. I imported the data as is into PV*SOL, simulated and then had a look in the diagram editor at the series "irradiance onto horizontal plane" and "height of sun". These must be synchronous. So I searched for a clear sky day, like 24.06.: As you can see, the two series are out of sync. This means the timestamp of the PVGIS has to be changed prior to the import in PV*SOL. Here, the solar irradiance seems to be araound one hour earlier than the height of sun, so we have to shift all PVGIS values one hour behind. In order to achieve that, I cut the last
  15. Hi Bengt, we are excited to hear that you are working on a report comparing different software solutions for PV! We hope that you can share your findings afterwards The relative humidity is currently not used in our models for the module temperature. If you have any further questions on the modelling or other parts of the software, please don't hesitate to ask! Kind regards, Martin
  16. Hi Reint, that is very interesting! Could you provide the PVGIS data for Maastricht, please? A first guess would be that the timestamp might be wrong, so that the calculated elevation of the sun doesn't fit to the solar irradiance data. Kind regards, Martin
  17. Hi Paul, in PV*SOL we have PV inverters (that cover roughly the functionality of MPP tracking and DC/AC conversion), ongrid battery systems (that cover the functionality of charging and discharging batteries and can be coupled to the system by AC coupling, DC intermediate coupling or DC generator coupling), and offgrid battery systems. So, in the case of Victron, we would have to choose if we want to analyse the ongrid or the offgrid case (both is not possible at the moment). In the ongrid case, we would enter the MPPT 250/100 as PV inverter and the Victron Quattro 15 kVA as battery
  18. Hi Lukasz, the AC mains options can be changed on the page "System type, climate and grid", see our help pages for reference: https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/pages/system-type-climate-and-grid/#ac-mains If you want to change a one-phase inverter to a three-phase inverter, you would have to create a copy of the inverter in the database and edit it accordingly. https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/databases/components/inverters/ Hope that helps, kind regards, Martin
  19. Hi patrik, thank you for your feedback. We have this feature on our list already. We understand that it would really be helpful to be able to save the mounting systems for the next project. Kind regards, Martin
  20. Hi Habibullah, yes, this is correct. Kind regards, Martin
  21. Hallo TomA und Tobias, könntet ihr mal einen Screenshot schicken, wo genau ihr die Wechselrichterbezeichnungen ändern möchtet? Was momentan schon geht, ist jedenfalls die Modulflächen- bzw. Verschaltungsbezeichnung zu ändern. Viele Grüße, Martin
  22. Hi Abhinav, are you participating in the Solar Decathlon Europe? Nice to see that this competition is still running. I was also participating, in the SDE 2010 edition, with Team Berlin. What a unique time! We wish you and your team all the best! 🤞 Regarding the curved roof: It is not possible, unfortunately, to place modules on curved roofs as yours. The reason is that PV*SOL is scanning the surface for flat planes, and it only finds small sections on your roof, see for example the blue highlighted area: This is too small to place a module there. You could redesign your mod
  23. Hi Math, sorry for the late answer - I was a bit irritated as well, as the usual uninstall option seemed to have disappeared.. but then a colleague pointed me to the solution: You have to use the "old" version of the WIndows system settings feature to remove or change programs: Click on "Programs and features", search for PhotoPlan in the list, right click and select "Change". Dialogs will appear that let you uninstall PhotoPlan. Good luck, and kind regards, Martin
  24. Hallo Simon, sorry für die späte Antwort - deine Frage ist irgendwie untergegangen. Den Dachüberstand kann man ganz gut für alle vier Seiten einstellen, indem man den Haken "Gegenüberliegende Dachflächen gemeinsam editieren" rausnimmt, und dann für jede Dachfläche nur den Wert für die Trauf-Überstände eingibt: Beste Grüße, Martin
  25. Hi Burak, 2 MWp is really already a very large system, with about 6000 to 10000 modules depending on their power. If you use the 3D environment to design the system, PV*SOL might bring your computer to the edge of its power. Also note that PV*SOL is (still) a 32bit application, so there is a RAM limit of about 1.2 to 1.3 GB set by the operating system (Windows). This is - amongst other things - what limits PV*SOL in its capabilities. But good news is that we optimized RAM usage especially for roof top or open area mounting systems in the next release of PV*SOL premium (2020 R10), wh
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