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  1. Is there a way in PVSol to detail the monthly production forecast values? For example, in January there will be xxxkWh production, in Febraury there will be xxxkWh production. Something like the image below, or a auto-made table with the values allready populated? Thank you in advance!
  2. Jordn

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    Would be great for the Production Forecast graph to show specific kWh values each month. For example:
  3. If I had this problem, I'd copy and edit the inverter characteristics in the inverter settings, to the desired string makeup known as compatible, check the system configures to all green ticks, then confirm the configuration with the Fronius designer https://creator.fronius.com/
  4. I've experienced this too, though more often than not, switching to the other options available; Bing map, Bing hybrid map or Google Hybrid map is magic, and works well
  5. Thank you @developer_fwany updates on this please? @developer_mh Is there a proven method to find the golidlocks system size using HHD data?
  6. Thank you for your reply!! I'll try it out - I'll export the results to a spreadsheet, and see what happens between using 00:00 or 00:30 as the first data in the imported dataset. Thanks again!!
  7. When importing a load profile from measured values, with a time interval of 30 mins, at which time should the first data be imported? For example: should the first data value be relevant to 00:00 or 00:30 ? Thank you in advance! Yours, Jordan
  8. Hi Jimmy, Yep no problem, sent a message to you!
  9. Hello PVSol community & solar PV designers, You're welcome to request a spreadsheet that visualises the forecast data exported from PVSol, example results below, from me via Linkedin - just fire me a message. I have personally created it, so happy to share. It's a long time coming, I created this because I feel the PVSol diagram editor doesn't meet what I look for in a forecast illustration. Most of all, I think PVSol is missing something that explains the forecast day-to-day life of the solar PV system (without the vertical axes changing with the day too). This spreadsheet creates graphs that illustrate forecasted: energy consumption, solar generation, solar export, battery charge, battery discharge, energy curtailment. Per day, and you can click a scrollbar to scroll through the days of the year. The spreadsheet only works with PVSol exported data, either hourly and minute data. Without amending the spreadsheet (which otherwise is easy), it would work up to 3 inverters, so up to 450kWp? Minute interval datasets can reach 500MB so you'll need a good computer. Comments/Criticism to the spreadsheet welcome! No doubt something like this will be integrated into future versions of PVSol. Yours, Jordan
  10. Classic program restart fixed the issue actually
  11. Hi there! I've noticed there's an unusual bug in Version 2022 R2 when selecting a Climate Data location. When selecting a location in the UK, for example, BENSON (RAF), and the location pinpointer is green (the location has been selected etc etc). After pressing OK, the Location is set as Aberdaron. This also happens when selecting a location from the Location drop down menu. Not a massive fan of using Aberdaron climate data. Any chance this can be clarified/amended please? Yours, Jordan
  12. Hi Jimmy, nice work! I can imagine these illustrations are most needed in investor/board meetings and for public relations too. Capturing drone images, processing them into 3d models and using them in PVSol forecasts, that is world class!! I can imagine as the 3D models are already made, they can be imported into software like Lumion to make high resolution images/motions, in an effort to visualise the project at a less virtual level. For example, I've noticed someone's portfolio to visualise solar parks, as close as you can get to a real picture using software like Lumion etc. Best of luck! Yours, Jordan
  13. I work with PVSol most days, so for me it's entertaining to see PVSol hitting the headlines, or atleast, a PVSol screenshot sneaking into the news : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-58550656
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