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  1. Jordn


    Hi Martin @developer_mh Just a clarification please, in the Presentation Report: Financial Analysis, Overview, Economic Parameters....... I'm not a Jedi on the naming of financial terms, forgive me if I'm wrong, but the naming of "Return on Assets" in the report, because this parameter is calculated similar to the IRR method in excel - shouldn't it be referred to as "IRR - Internal Rate of Return"? Yours, Jordan
  2. I'm looking at a design similar to this, in an ongrid case where Victron MPPT chargers feed into Victron Quattro battery chargers. I've taken a look at the information available online for the Victron MPPT chargers and Victron Quattro battery chargers, though their specifications are missing plenty of information that's required by PVSol to complete a configuration. Is it possible to simulate Victron products in PVSol at all?
  3. Hi Martin, thank you for the response! Yep that solution works, thanks again! Cheers! Jordan
  4. Hi there, I've run into an issue with creating a load profile from measured values. The measured values are half hourly data, kWh, every day, year round, starting from 1st Jan until 31st Dec 2020. The year is a leap year. The HHD data is 17,568 values, PVSol expects the file to import 17,568 values, though after import is successful only 17,520 values are realised. As such, the total annual energy requirement value in PVSol is less than expected. How can this issue be solved please? Thank you in advance! Yours, Jordan HDD.csv
  5. Hi there, quick clarification questions please, there is a figure in the PV Sol report for Battery System - Service Life. It's expressed in years. At what point is the batteries service considered to be over? For example in the attachment, what influences this batteries service life to be 19 years? Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, I'd like to talk about optimising solar pv system sizes for commercial scale projects. When there is 30min interval consumption data, and information on constraints such as; available area and export limits - planning the right balance between system size and financial payback/ROI can be a slow and iterative process. The way I see optimising solar pv system sizes for commercial scale projects is by making simulation, after simulation, after simulation of different system sizes in an effort to arrive at the golden system size. I was wondering if there are any methods via PVSol, or external to PVSol, that can speed up the process of arriving at the golden system size? I guess this begs to ask what makes a golden system size? In this case, the projects are commercial financially-single-minded projects, I would suggest optimal payback/ROI would be the measure...
  7. Have both projects been through the simulation? For example, has the system with the missing info been paired with an inverter yet, and then simulated? I think you have to configure the system, and then simulate it, to make this comparison.
  8. Hi everyone, quick question please, is it possible for a solar panel to have an IAM of 100% ? For context, the SunPower E20 327W commercial panel is listed within the PVSol database as IAM 100%. I understand this is specified by the manufacturer, though I'd like to double check this value, using information available on the web? For example, is there a specific place on the web to search for this IAM value, for double checking reasons? Thank you in advance, Jordan
  9. Hi there ? it seems like PV Sol 2020 cannot open PV Sol 2021 files. Yours, Jordan
  10. Hi Oliver, you can record screens with Powerpoint, otherwise I use FlashBack screen recorder.
  11. Hi ? I'm trying to figure out how; in the cashflow table, the Feed-in / Export Tariff value & Electricity Savings values are calculated please? I checked the help site but I don't think the page covers this; https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/2020/calculation/financial-analysis/ As a back-story; I'm trying to replicate the PV Sol values just out of interest and because we hand this information to customers so best to understand it completely, although I'm not the best at maths. I'm about £1.00-£15.00 out on the first year. I've attached a link to the file I'm using to try and replicate the PV Sol values below. I've highlighted the cells I want to match in Purple, they are in the 'Year' tab and 'PV Cashflow data' tab. It's possible my formulas are using the wrong data column in the .csv file - there are so many similar columns. Or there is something else I don't exactly know, but there is only so much digging before I ask for advice. Thank you! https://cornwallsuperhomes-my.sharepoint.com/:x:/g/personal/jordan_nakedsolar_co_uk/EVT48ZF4P_xHskgosU4KJIgBBAtYPF7JbLUJYEbeuRZpeA?e=exQ7aI
  12. Jordn

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    One for the wishlist - an ability to model immersion diverters within the simulations please.
  13. Jordn

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    Hello there This is just something we notice everytime we export the PV Sol presentation. It's a nice to have however not necessary. We issue the PV Sol report to all our customers and there are a few items that don't need on the report. For example; we like the Project Overview, yet we don't need the schematic diagram. We like the financial analysis, yet don't need the Electricity Cost Trend diagram. Neither the Schematic diagram or the Electricity Cost Trend figure are items that can be unticked in the Presentation Options. It would be nice to opt out of these diagrams please. Also another one please, the PV Sol report can allready explain relationships of self-consumption, import and export. However I think there is a missing nice illustration to tell the story in a more digestible way. For example, I like the way the SolarEdge monitoring portal illustrates annual values in this way. It would be great to provide customers an illustration of annual values in the same way as shown below, in a PV Sol report.
  14. Jordn

    PV Sol best images

    This is a screenshot recording of the above residential development in Cornwall, UK. •90 x Candidate Properties •750 x SunPower Maxeon3 370W All Black panels in-roof •1,320m² total solar PV roof coverage •Annual Energy yield of 270,000kWh •Annual 〖CO〗_2 emissions avoided 163,000 kg •25 year Solar Panel warranty •12 year Inverter warranty •10 year Workmanship warranty Development 5.mp4
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