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  1. Hi Oliver, you can record screens with Powerpoint, otherwise I use FlashBack screen recorder.
  2. Hi 👍 I'm trying to figure out how; in the cashflow table, the Feed-in / Export Tariff value & Electricity Savings values are calculated please? I checked the help site but I don't think the page covers this; https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/calculation/financial-analysis/ As a back-story; I'm trying to replicate the PV Sol values just out of interest and because we hand this information to customers so best to understand it completely, although I'm not the best at maths. I'm about £1.00-£15.00 out on the first year. I've attached a link to the file I'm using to
  3. Jordn

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    One for the wishlist - an ability to model immersion diverters within the simulations please.
  4. Jordn

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    Hello there This is just something we notice everytime we export the PV Sol presentation. It's a nice to have however not necessary. We issue the PV Sol report to all our customers and there are a few items that don't need on the report. For example; we like the Project Overview, yet we don't need the schematic diagram. We like the financial analysis, yet don't need the Electricity Cost Trend diagram. Neither the Schematic diagram or the Electricity Cost Trend figure are items that can be unticked in the Presentation Options. It would be nice to opt out of these diagrams please.
  5. Jordn

    PV Sol best images

    This is a screenshot recording of the above residential development in Cornwall, UK. •90 x Candidate Properties •750 x SunPower Maxeon3 370W All Black panels in-roof •1,320m² total solar PV roof coverage •Annual Energy yield of 270,000kWh •Annual 〖CO〗_2 emissions avoided 163,000 kg •25 year Solar Panel warranty •12 year Inverter warranty •10 year Workmanship warranty Development 5.mp4
  6. Jordn

    PV Sol best images

    Is it possible to change the blue sky texture to a different texture? The existing texture is great, yet just for visual reasons, might be nice to set a sunset/sunrise/cloudy/other skyboxes textures. Thanks, Jordan
  7. Jordn

    PV Sol best images

    Nice! Here's another before and after, by about one month apart from eachother.
  8. Hello, just putting this question out there; how are Sun position graphs made, and can they be made from PV Sol? Is there a way of illustrating the sun path in PV Sol? The graph below is copied from the PV Sol software help page; https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/calculation/irradiation/sun-position/ *and this one is from https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/sun-path-illustration-18273849.jpg
  9. Hello everyone, please share your best image/design created with PV Sol. Why? - To show and explain the best ways to create visually attractive solar systems. This is mine created with amazing PV Sol; A new-build housing development in the UK - instead of roofing with attractive expensive Cornish slate, the contractor wants to reduce their material costs by installing in-roof panels and experiment with how 'green' they could get. We were able show the contractor thier project in PV Sol by;Importing the site plan, altering the orientation and referencing elevation plans to recreate th
  10. Jordn

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    Would be nice to be able to Edit the name of the column headers on the parts list table
  11. I checked out the Severn England SAP 2012 dataset and these are the results; 14 x SunPower Maxeon2 350 + Solis 3.68kW (no external shading) Orientation from South (Clockwise) 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 195 210 225 240 255 270 Pitch 60 3861 3489 3105
  12. Hi Martin, Perfect thank you so much for that description!! Yours, Jordan Solar before and after.mp4
  13. Hi Martin, Thank you for your response!! Aye I've attached the file I've been using. Using version 2020.5.130. I'll take a look at the Severn England climate data. Thanks again! Yours, Jordan PV Sol Orientation and Pitch.pvprj
  14. Hi everyone & Valentin, we're creating an orientation and pitch chart to show others clearly the kind of performances to expect. Like a compass - difference in Orientation axis follows around the chart, and difference in pitch runs from the centre to the circumference in smaller to larger circles (0 degrees to 80 degrees pitch). So the first circle from the centre represents 10 degrees pitch, the second circle from the centre represents 20 degrees pitch and so on. It's quite smart and will hopefully give clarity to others than Northern facing systems still produce an acceptable level
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