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  1. Hi, I have troubles with creating and importing a TMY-file that has been provided. I just dont get the creating and importing .dat files to work. Assistance and help in this matter would be highly appriciated 😃 The file I would like to have as a .dat file that can be imported is attached. BR Daniel TMY.csv
  2. Daniel


    Hi, yess ofcourse, We have planned for panels on both sides of the ridge, expecting more consistent orientation. On the south side of the ridge i get this, And on the north side, this Roof illustration Best Regards Daniel
  3. Daniel


    Hi, I would expect the orientation to be "the same" on the south and the north side of a roof I am making calculations on. Using a "east-west" system divided on south and north side of the same roof, in this example i get following orientation. North Building: 50% are 115° South-east + 50% at 307° North-west South Building: 50% are 127° South-east + 50% at 295° North-west I would expect the orientation to be either 115°/295° or 127°/307° and not the mix of 115°/307° and 127°/295° that have been used in this simulation. Why is this? Best regards Daniel
  4. Hi, We are in the phase of planning and designing a lot of plant's with the Trina Tallmax TSM-DE15M(II) 400W and Jinko Cheetah HC JKM340M-60H-V, but they cannot be found in the database. Do you have any idea if they are planned to be imported and available for use in the near future? Would be highly appriciated if we could start using these modules soon 😃 Best Regards Daniel
  5. Daniel


    Hi Martin and thanks for your swift answer. So in my case that will mean that the value refers to the current energy min in Sweden. Where is this value collected? Where do you get the input from? Best Regards, Daniel
  6. Daniel


    Hi, Short question regarding the value in the software for CO2 savings, What it the value based upon? Best regards Daniel
  7. Hi, Is it possible to import existing .dwg (cad) files/3D-models into the system planning? It would save us a lot of time and give us very precise building models! Best Regards Daniel
  8. Hi, I have a question regarding the climate data used to calculate power production etc. Let's say we have climate data over a 10 years period of time, and we have 1 year of hourly values for the costumers consumption. We are interested in the internal consumption of the produced energy, which are the values for climate data (for example irradiation) that goes in to the formula for this? Is the percentage of internal consumption based on the "lowest" data (per time unit, hour) over this ten years period, or is it the average over these available 10 years (per time unit?. Or the highest? Lets say for one hour on one specific day, the data of course differs a lot over a 10 years period. Best Regards Daniel
  9. Hi, As I understand it, it is not incorporated at the moment to work with SolarEdge inverters that does not have a built in MPPT but instead optimizers on every or every other panel. The Inverter I am looking at for the moment is the SolarEdge SE25K, and as I just said this only converts the DC to AC and the tracking and optimizing is handled by optimezers on (in most cases) every other panel. Anything that is coming to the software soon? Thanks Daniel
  10. Hi, A short question. When i design a PV-plant in the 3D mode of the premium software, where in the simulation results can i see the peak power in watts for a years simulation. So that i can see the highest load that will be put on Inverter/Fuse... Probably on a cold&sunny time at the simulated time period. Thanks Daniel
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