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Found 12 results

  1. I hope to retrieve annual performance of an installed PV system. I am using the actual measurements of the system to create the model on PVsol. However, I am not sure of how I can set it so that I only use the climate data for 2009; hence receive the predicted performance of the system in 2009. Kindly assist me. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to ask a question about importing climate data. I have my own minutely measured climate data as an excel file and I want to import this measured climate data to PVSOL. As I know, there are 3 available file formats which are: - *.xlm - *.dat - *.wbv Now my question is as follows: How can I rearrange my measured climate data to use it in the simulation. I mean how many columns and rows are necessary and which column correspond to irradiance or temperature etc. I hope I express my problem clearly. Thank you
  3. Hello! I have created climate data for new locations many times in the past, always without any issue at all. But today I got the error text "Unable to generate climate data." multiple times for some locations, some others work. Any idea why that could be? Any workarounds? Cheers, Frido
  4. Dominykas


    Hi, I have 2 issues with csv format. 1. How must look like csv file to load for consumption graphic. I can't find any example of csv consumption file. 2. From PVGIS page you can download only CSV radiance data. But in PVSOL you need .dat, .xlm or .wbv format. How convert CSV format to any of this three. Thank you, Dominykas
  5. Hi, I am using the PVSol Trial for 30 days and when I use the location: country Spain, region "A Coruña" it is missing. I dont know if it is only in the trial version or also in the regular version. I would like to clarify if this incidence is also in the regular version to make decision of buying this or not. By the way, I just counted the number of Provinces in Spain and in the software are included 37 and in Spain exits 50. If you want to contact me for a call my number is: 0034 640366765. I can speak a little bit german in case you prefer to use this language to comunicate and also to find a colaboration. Best regards, Lucía Varela
  6. Dear Team Valentin/ Martin, Is there an option to import actual/current climate data with meteonorm? We would like to use Meteonorm only we find the data outdated, namely 1991 - 2010. Is this possible with the demo version of Meteonorm? Do you have an explanation for this if possible? We find the option with PVGIS insufficiently accurate, as you explained to us in our previous question. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Remu
  7. Hallo, ich möchte DWD Wetterdaten importieren. Die Option gibt es im MeteoSyn. Hier ist als Dateiformat lediglich xlm vorgesehen. Auf der Website des DWD gibt es keine Optionen verschiedene Dateiformate auszuwählen. Es werden lediglich DAT dateien ausgegeben. Gibt es ein Convertierungstool das aus den DWD dat dateien xlm Dateien generiert werden? Werden die Wetterdaten im Meteonorm convertiert? Im PVSol Handbuch finde ich keine genaueren informationen. Vielen Dank für Eure Rückmeldung
  8. Hi, I have troubles with creating and importing a TMY-file that has been provided. I just dont get the creating and importing .dat files to work. Assistance and help in this matter would be highly appriciated ? The file I would like to have as a .dat file that can be imported is attached. BR Daniel TMY.csv
  9. Dear PV SOL users & team, I have been using PV SOL Premium 2018 for some months now and a question arose on climate data sensitivity. I am designing a project located in north-east Spain, more specifically in the area marked in yellow in the screenshot below (in a town called Santa Eugenia de Berga, Spanish ZIP code 08507), but the closest climate data as is would be from either Barcelona or Gerona, marked in red below: I understand PV SOL is able to interpolate data via the “Create climate data for new location” in this screen, but could you please clarify which data points are used for that calculation? When I create the new location “Santa Eugenia de Berga” I notice that irradiation is higher than that of either Barcelona or Gerona, which leads me to think there are more points involved in this calculation. Could you please let me know which points would be taken into account for this simulation? And la st but not least, I understand PV SOL interpolates data but doesn’t take into account local conditions, right? In this specific area I’m looking at there is a lot of fog, but I imagine this is not considered. Could you please confirm this as well? Thank you very much for your support.
  10. Is it possible to view details of the climate data?
  11. Dear fellow PVSol users, I want to understand how this sizing factor is calculated to argue why I'm choosing a given Inverter in a project. This project will be in Calama in the north of Chile and it shows me this (it's attached). This are quite different parameters from the default parameters and I don't get why. I would be very grateful for any help you are able to provide.
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