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  1. Im often working with flat roof systems that has the same mounting system and panels (angle, skip distance and so on) And i can save the created mounting system and also mark it to save as default. When i restart PV sol and start another project, the mounting systems that I saved as default is no longer there. How do you save the mounting systems so that I dont have to start from scratch? If this is possible today, how do you make it work? And if not possible, can this be a feature in a new release?
  2. Hi Marcel! I hacve tried to upload new climate data from PVGIS, but thoose files only can be downloaded in .CSC file, how do I import a CSV file to PV sol with the monthly data? And can you import longer periods than one year?
  3. Hi Martin! I have extruded the building and there is no numbers on the sides. Not even when i choose edit. And not even if i choose change texture, the sides does are not numbered. It is very confusing that you mention "edges" since when you are changing texture the meny is referring to "front side surface" left side surface, back side surface" and so on, it does not referr to edge 1 edge 2, edge 3 and so on.
  4. I have made a 3d model of a building and now i want to change the texture of the building sides to some real pictures of the building. THere are four sides of the building, but on the building it does not say which side latera surface 1,2,3,4 is. Woudl it be possible for this number to be visible on the building from the surface perspective so i dont have to guess which side of the building that i am replaceing the surface on? Or is there a logical explanation on which the laterals numbers sides are? F,e Lateral surface is always the most northern one and so on.
  5. Hi Martin! The use of first importing a 3D model, then placing a pv installation on it and export it could be useful if for example you would like to make a 3D print of the model to the customer. //Patrik
  6. Why is this not available? What is the problem? I dont see what the big deal is? 90% of all of the systems ar mounted on one way or another so this should be included as soon as possible in the 3D design.
  7. Hi! I have tried to do a cable node on a module coverage installation but that does not work either. When will cable node work on flat roofs and installations not mounted directly on a roof?
  8. Hi Marcel, please let me know if you need additional help to create such a tariff! //Patrik
  9. Many of the grid companies in Sweden today has a peak load tarif for customers over 63 A, meaning that the costumer has to pay for the highest hour of peakload during an intire month. And building a PV installation can generate a significant saving on the grid cost for the customer. For instance in E.ONs grid you have a fixed cost per month that is 2100 SEK. And for the highest peak hour you will pay 81,60 SEK. So if a customer has the same load the whole mont of 100 kW per hour but for one hour the customers peak goes up to 200 kW for one hour, then the customer has to pay 200x81,60 = 1
  10. Hi! I have recently installed the new 2019 PV sol release. But almost every time i start up PV sol premium 2019 it says that there is a new release and asks if i want to download it. How many new releases has there been since november, and if there only has been one, how do i stop this? //Patrik
  11. I am trying to put in the correct measurements of a building that has twelve edges on the roof. How do i enter the correct measurement? I can draw a polygon that is similar to the building and make it at "right angle" but the measurements are not correct. hotell.pdf
  12. Working closlely with building companies they often want a 3D model of the house that they are building. When will it be possible to export the 3d building from PV Sol? (so that you can 3D print the model amongst other things)
  13. Thank you. This i already know how to do, the problem is that the roof is pitched in two ways so the irregular building has to have a roof that pitches Booth ways.,
  14. Why does the map section not always work. I have to zoom out for the whole of the world then manually zoom back in finding the actual site. Very annoying. When will this be fixed?
  15. Waow Marcel, excellent answer... We pay a lot of money for PV sol and the select map section is one of the important things that should work all the time. Not waiting for an upcoming release. It doesnt work now either....
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