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  1. @frederikdo you think it is possible for me to get in contact with the company that made photoplan to perhaps make this change that owns and knows the code? I understand that there would be a cost for changing this. but since we sell 90% black panels it would make a lot of differnence!
  2. You can change the colour of the frames in PV sol, is it much work for you to also implement it on the colur it self
  3. I tried to set the saturation to 0 but only get this colour? They only get grey...
  4. When i choose a known black panel in photoplan, it doesnt show up as black. I can only choose black frame. Is it possible to fix the colour to match the panels? Or make it possible to Chang the colour of the panel like in the 3D configuration?
  5. You can change the module fram colour but from white to black to gray in Photoplan, but why cant you change it to completley black?
  6. patrik k


    I Have PV Sol Premium 2021 but cant find photoplan? Is it still available?`I Have searched the installed folder and can not find any files of photplan as well.
  7. I have done two projects and want to compare them. Even if all values are shown correctly in each separate project in the simulation they dont show up in the comparison file. For example pv generator output or number of pv modules.
  8. patrik k

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    When will there be a cabling plan option for mounted systems and MPP trackers that extend over several mounting surfaces.?
  9. I have created building 1. And also configured an inverter and made a string layout for that building. Houses 1-5 are identical so i copied house nr 1 using the "multiply object" function. 'But this only made copies of the building,and panel layout. But not the inverter and string layout. This worked in the previous version of PV sol so please fix this.
  10. I have created four buildings and renamed them with their real property names in the 3D design. But when i create the report or when I am outside the 3D design it still says Arbitrary building instead of the correct name that I changed it into. See attatched pictures
  11. Im often working with flat roof systems that has the same mounting system and panels (angle, skip distance and so on) And i can save the created mounting system and also mark it to save as default. When i restart PV sol and start another project, the mounting systems that I saved as default is no longer there. How do you save the mounting systems so that I dont have to start from scratch? If this is possible today, how do you make it work? And if not possible, can this be a feature in a new release?
  12. Hi Marcel! I hacve tried to upload new climate data from PVGIS, but thoose files only can be downloaded in .CSC file, how do I import a CSV file to PV sol with the monthly data? And can you import longer periods than one year?
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