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PV*SOL Wishlist

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Dear PV*SOL users,

to collect and centralize the feature requests for PV*SOL, we have created this topic.

Here you can post your ideas for missing features, usability improvements or other suggestions.


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A) Improved the function of exporting plan diagram strings to CAD files (dxf, dwg) to allow the ENTIRE plan to be exported in a single file at the same time, and not separated by assembly area.Captura-de-tela-2022-03-09-112723.png

- The size of the string identification letters is too small in the exported model. It should be possible to adjust the size of the letters according to the size of the plot sheet, or redirect all identification to a side legend;

The drawing of cables is often unnecessary and moreover it pollutes the file when you just want to have the string plan. Ideally, it would be possible to choose to have the dxf/dwg similar to the layout obtained in the 3D view in the inverter configuration part (image below), with, of course, being possible to see the numbering letters of the modules, which is not possible when viewing the entire system.




The limitations of exporting separately by assembly area makes this function often useless, as you have to copy and paste each of the areas into a CAD software to allow editing the floor plan drawing.


In addition, exporting the file should also allow loading of building data, such as the top view image of the model itself, or, even better, the edges of the building and the roofs in floor plan, since exporting only the string design brings a poor project data since it does not carry any information from the other 3D objects involved in the scenario.

A complete export functionality of the design in detail to editable CAD file is essential for anyone working with large projects where documentation and design detailing is required. In the current model, with poor information from the model exported from PVSol, a large rework is practically always necessary (and with very low design time efficiency) as it is necessary to redesign the entire plant in CAD software.

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Add the possibility to do panels in x * x amounts in pairs with parameters like east/west tilting, but make it so that they dont "register" as different module areas.

Like with K2 systems you can do Dome 6.0 which is panels attached in pairs of 2. 
There is then x distance between them horisontal and vertical like with the east/west.

You can use east/west and then set the angle to 0, but the problem with this is that it will still register as 2 different module areas so in inverter configuration it is see as 2.

It should rather register as they do when doing example module coverage. Because in 0 degrees it doesnt matter which panels are connected together like if there was an difference in angle between them.




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  •  I wish there was a place to write project notes, to a to-do list or information about what was important when preparing the calculation.
  • Also wants the opportunity to enter your own disclaimer text in the report. Is there any way to modify the template to add such text?
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PVsol is a great tool !


The 3D modelling part (including the Google 3D terrain extracted by SketchUp) is great and user friendly (complete newbie speaking), the hardware library & description seems complete but the Senec 420M (bifacial) I needed to model is missing and I don't see a generic panel we could configurate. The number of parameters one can visualize about the photovoltaic system is huge. I only missed a measuring toolkit (distances, azimut or elevation, planar or solid angles,...) between objects in the 3D scene. I also would have liked to be able to compute the shading losses on a given time frame of the year, or for a given month (to be able for exemple to maximize the output of the generator during the winter).

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Hello. Another request to be able to charge the batteries from the grid during off-peak periods.

This has become extremely important, given the current energy prices and the need to manage maximum demand.

We manage 80+ Tesla Powerwall 2, and we have now put them all on time-based control (i.e., they charge at night during super off-peak hours) as it brings significant savings, which has become the priority for our clients.


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  1. It would be nice if we have montaging options also not only for modules but also for the under construction and it would be even better if we can create a part list where it can fore cast how many module clamps, rails , hooks etc.
  2. Wind load/ Snow load analysis.
  3. Height limit of 300m is a bit small as i import .obj files they are imported vertically and they scale bigger projects making it very difficult to plan.
  4. Would love the idea of having a Scaffolding object.


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In the UK National Grid is effectively blocking utility scale 11kV solar PV projects from connecting to the grid because of the need for high level reinforcement. Many of these schemes could go ahead with grid export limitation and using battery energy storage to power shift in order to avoid down regulation and loss of generation.

In trying to use PVSOL to model a PV + battery system and setting a maximum grid export power limit, I find that the software only allows a battery system to be added against a demand load.

Please can you add the ability for a battery system to be used for the example I have described as this would add a significant dimension to the usefulness of PVSOL.

At the same time please can you add a battery charge / discharge strategy so that power shifting by overnight lower tariff grid energy with daytime discharge can be simulated as well as power shifting peak daytime solar generation to the higher value late afternoon / early evening discharge period.

These features are available in PVsyst for example and surely aren't that difficult to add?

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