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  1. Honestly I think it would be a good ide to remake the PV*SOL program. New Engine, HUD and interface. Maybe it could also be an idea to go into a cooperation with a CAD software maker to integrate there drawing engine/tool into PVSOL. Maybe something like SketchUP because it's fairly easy. Also large project takes a fair amount of ressources when calculating and it's nonsense that the program do not utilize more that one CPU core. I use PV*SOL Premium for my everyday job. I have a profession degree in CAD, 3D drawing and product/process optimization, and I really think this would take PV*SOL to a entirely new height. The calculations and options in the program is great, so I think you have something really good. It just seems outdated.
  2. Make it so that it's possible to change the direction of north when already in drawing. If you have made a large project, later to find out that the north there is nothing to do, and it's just all over again.
  3. It would be nice if it was possible to select color and outline for the compas. It's almost impossible to see when drawing on white sketch.
  4. Make it so that it's possible to orient panels relative to North, East, South and West. Also edges are good but if you want to make a module facing straight south, it would be easier to just say 0° to south.
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