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  1. Sent it to you via PM. Thanks.
  2. A reboot did the trick. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I tried to update to 2021 R6 an got the error "An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file: DeleteFile failed; code 5." See screenshot. Is it fine to ignore and skip? Thanks, Frido
  4. Frido

    Import 3d module

    Hi there! What format you are using for your 3D model? Here is a document with a list of supported formats: https://www.valentin-software.com/wp-content/uploads/legacy-downloads/sonstiges/en/3d-recherche-rev-01-en.pdf I have had the best results using .dae or .obj files in the past. However, I have found 3D models to be very unreliable (invisible walls that casting shade, module areas floating mid-air after saving the file etc.) so personally I try to avoid them when ever possible. Hope this helps. Regards, Frido
  5. Hello everyone! I am again having the same issue, now in 2021 R6. Not sure of the reason, but there are no polystring configs in my file. Forcing simulation doesn’t do the trick. Is it possible that there is a limit to the amount of Module Areas displayed? Tested it after 16 Module Areas configured -> no problem. Tested again after 28 Module Areas total configured, -> now it is blank again. EDIT: For troubleshooting, I deleted the first 16 Module Areas, leaving me with the latest 12 Areas. Simulation worked as expected. So there definitely seems to be some kind of limit to the amount of Module Areas displayed in the documentation? Regards, Frido
  6. Frido

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    The option to enlarge the "Define Module Areas" window, so one doesn't have to scroll every time once beyond 9 strings. EDIT: Also, it would make it easier if the list could be sorted A->Z / 1->9. (Especially later when setting up the inverter config)
  7. Hi! Just tried it again to make sur it still happend after the updated to 2021 R5 - it does. Sending you the log file asap. Cheers, Frido
  8. Hi Frederik! Only got around to try the workaorund today, works as intended. Thanks! Happy to hear that it gets fixed! Best regards! Frido
  9. Hi Argo! PVSol crashed on me at the first try. Also, when opening your model using MeshLab, I got an Error, but it did open. So I exported your file again as an .obj using MeshLab. This did the trick for me, was able to import no problem. I am unable to attach the file right now, but I am sure you will manage to do justthe same. Hope this helps. Regards, Frido
  10. Hi Frederik, funnily enough, I have this problem with every file I have tried today (three so far). Two of which I have already created and exported the documentation for without the issue last week. I will provide you the following files shortly: PVSol Project (created last week) Corresponding pdf documentation exported last week (v01) where the issue wasn’t present. Corresponding pdf documentation exported today (v02) with the issue of the blank Module Area results. But as I mentioned, it happens with all of the project files I have tried so far today. Often, a restart of PVSol and/or my PC does the trick to resolve this issue, but not today it seems. Hope this helps, Frido
  11. Hi Argo! Can you describe what / where the problem in more detail? Maybe even share your .obj file? Regards, Frido
  12. Hello everyone, just wanted to meantion that I still expirience this bug from time to time in 2021 R4. See screenshot attached, this is from a project with one Moudle Area only. Best Regards, Frido
  13. Hi Frederik, sorry if I have not communicated this clearly: I am not trying to import climate data. I am trying to generate climate data using the MeteoSyn. So there is no file importing going on on my side. Cheers, Frido
  14. Hi Frederik, & thanks for getting back to me! Just to make sure I unterstood correctly: This means that the result found in the "per Module Area" section is the "correct" one? Or is non of them trustworthy at the moment? Cheers, Frido
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