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  1. Frido

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    It would be nice to have the "Yield Reduction due to Shading" result not only with the results of the total system, but also with the results per module area.
  2. Ah, thanks. I am sorry, for some reason I haven't seen that, even though I was looking for it. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply! I am afraid I do not know what option "rotatable wall" you are talking about. I only have the option to place a "simple wall", when in Obejct View. However, I have found out the following: Not being able to rotate a wall only happens when it is placed inside an "Open Area" (wall B in picture). When you place it outside (wall A), everything works as expected. I guess this behaviour is a bug. Best, Frido
  4. Hello everyone, I am like 99% certain that there always was the option to rotate / orient a wall by changing its azimuth angle, just like with buildings. But now the option seems to be gone? Am I wrong? Any help? Running premium 2020 R9.92 Thanks, Frido
  5. Hello! Just wanted to ask if the info above is still true, or have there been any changes regarding snow? Many thanks, Frido
  6. Thanks for the workaround Martin! Unfortunately, the workaround came too late for us, but I still want to share how we managed to still get the results needed: We split the finished project (35 Module Areas total) up into two files. Then deleted ~50% of the Module Areas in the one file, and the other 50% in the other file. This means we now have the project split up in multiple files, but at least we got the results we needed after putting all the time into making the PVSOL model. I’d also like to mention that about two weeks ago we were in contact with the h
  7. Frido

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    When clicking on a Module Array in the list on the left-hand side of the screen, it automatically activates and therefore “jumps” to the selected array. This is unlike the buildings, which just get highlighted when clicking on them. I much prefer the later behaviour and would appreciate if it were the same for the Module Arrays. It would make locating & renaming them much faster & easier.
  8. Frido

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    A option to adjust the default values (e.g. Edge Distance) would be nice.
  9. Hi Muhammad, Is the fact that it does not have any walls that important to you? For 95% of our projects, the only important thing is that the roof area is depicted correctly. So if I had to the depict the gas station seen in the picture I’d just go ahead with a flat roof building. I have found that it is much faster to do this way, & less prone to errors compared to using a 3D model. I try to avoid using 3D models whenever possible, as they have often caused issues. Regards, Frido
  10. Frido

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    When copying a module, and checking the "Make multiple copies" box, the Clipboard still disappears when you decide to "Integrate to Array", instead of staying on the screen (as it does when not checking the multiple copies box) so you can make multiple copies. It is a small thing, but does not seem intentional and would be nice if it was fixed.
  11. I have had this a few times, even within the same project. Usually restarting PVSOL does the trick for me. Sometimes, however, multiple tries & a restart of my PC were necessary.
  12. I have tried a lot of things (file types) when importing models from DroneDeploy. Usually, the texture is as washed out for me as it is for you. I have managed to import models with vibrant textures in the past (don’t ask me how, it was luck more than anything). However, once I saved and reopened the 3D Visualization, the texture is either washed out again or (parts of it are) missing completely. Unfortunately I have also found that importing such models increases your chance of crashing PVSOL. Therefore, I do not bother anymore, and would not recommend putting time into this.
  13. Frido

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    For us, a fixed (or at least globally adjustable) colour scale for the shade frequency analysis would be very useful. So that e.g. 5% of shading has always the same colour for every roof in every project. As it is right now, 5% or even 10% of module shading might appear as a vibrant green, just because a part of the roof (maybe even with no modules) might be shaded very strongly. Not ideal at all. This, along with an option to export these pictures with one press of a button would be very useful to our workflow. As of right now we have to screengrab each and every roof. Edit: exmple pictu
  14. Dear Martin, thanks for your reply. I am happy to hear that you are working on it! I gave it a try jus now, but unfortunately it doesn’t really do the trick. Here is why (please refer to screenshot below): First of, I assure you that the barred areas are the same on both buildings. I just copied the building in the background (B1) as seen on the picture and deleted the modules in order to generate the building in the foreground (B2) B1 was done with the Cover-Tool. As you can see, it just leaves one line of modules blank, and does not start with the
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