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Found 11 results

  1. FJM61

    Victron Inverters

    I was wondering why is Victron missing from the Inverter & Battery data base. Victron battery inverters are widely used and have been around for more than 30 years. AC coupled systems with Fronius PV inverters are also very popular. I am sure many PV*SOL users would appreciate if Victron products would be available in the data base.
  2. Hi Team, Good day to you! We are unable to find the following panel module in PV Sol database, Manufacturer : Trina Solar Model Number : TSM-PE15H , Power Range 345W I have attached the datasheet for your reference. thanks! Tallmax_PE15H_EN_2020_APAC_B_web.pdf
  3. Hello. I received from one of our module providers the .PAN files of new modules to come in the market. I would like already to make a couple sims with them but couldn´t find how to insert new modules to the database using the .PAN files. Could you describe to me the procedure to insert these .PAN files? Thanks Willy Chacon
  4. Hi PV*Sol Team. We need your help to clarify about meteo, irradiation and atmospheric data bases compatibility of PV*SOL: Is PV*SOL able of importing database files like TMY2/3 Formats (NREL)? What about importing data from SolarGIS or NASA? Are Databases included in PV*Sol Premium? Are there detailed LatinAmerican Data included in PV*Sol Premium? Thanks Javier
  5. Dear Martin / Valentin workers, We are working on an costum database with PV Modules. Now we like to import this database to other PV*SOL Premium users within our company. - How ? We've come past this tread but we dont understand it. Thereby we do not have the following path; C:\ProgramData\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVdatabase Merci d'avance! Greetings, Remu
  6. Good Morning PVSol team, For our new projects, we are looking to use Heckert NeMo 2.0 60M 325Wp (Data sheet attached ). Unfortunately, In PVSol PV Module Database currently files till Heckert NeMo 2.0 60M 315 Wp are available. Is it possible to create solar module file from datasheet ? I know low lights performance and IV characteristics curves are missing in the data sheet. Should I contact the PV manufacturer for this data and files ? Is it possible for you to provide me the solar module files or update the database? Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks and have a nice day 2019_06_Datenblatt_NeMo_2-0_60_M_315-325_vorlage.pdf
  7. Hi PV Sol, I would like to know what is the procedure to obtain an update of the database for modules, inverters and batteries. Do I have to send en email to database@valentin-software.com with the new products or I have to send an email to each manufactur and request them to contact with PV Sol Database like I can read on this post?: For example these modules are on queue to be added: Solar Fabrik: All of them: https://www.solar-fabrik.de/downloads?lang=es LG: LG 325 N1K - V5 NeON2 and 325 N1K - V5 NeON2, LG 345 N1C - V5 NeON2 Trina: 310-315 TSM-DD05A(II) Thank you!
  8. Hello, Is it possible to share usercreated solarpanels with other computers in the same network? Can I change the path of the database from a local drive to a shared drive? Thx for your help. Regards
  9. Dear Sir / Madam, For battery system,I would like to model a system of 1 SMA Sunny Island Inverter 8.0H and 24 units of Hoppecke 24 OPZV 3500.. What I see available at the moment is SMA SI 8.0H - 11 set LG Chem 5,0kWh and SMA SI 8.0H + Akasol neeoQube. Is there a way for me to modify the existing components to suits my objective ? Thank you.
  10. How can I add new collectors and change existing collector data in T*SOL?
  11. How to enter a new heat pump into GeoT*SOL?
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