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  1. Hi PV Sol-Team, with the last update (PV SOL premium 2019 R10) I am having this error more frecuently and mor dramatic. I have already lost 2 projects with this error where I cant reenter to the projet and I had to do them again. I cant see more details about the error, just the picture that I have attached. Is there a configuration to solve it or some parameters to avoid it? Thank you!
  2. Hi PV Sol, I would like to know what is the procedure to obtain an update of the database for modules, inverters and batteries. Do I have to send en email to database@valentin-software.com with the new products or I have to send an email to each manufactur and request them to contact with PV Sol Database like I can read on this post?: For example these modules are on queue to be added: Solar Fabrik: All of them: https://www.solar-fabrik.de/downloads?lang=es LG: LG 325 N1K - V5 NeON2 and 325 N1K - V5 NeON2, LG 345 N1C - V5 NeON2 Trina: 310-315 TSM-DD05A(II) Thank you!
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