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  1. Thanks Martin this helps a lot!
  2. Dear Martin, The DC input in PVSOL for the GoodWe 80K-MT is set to factor 1,2 instead of 1,5. Attached the datasheet and screen of PVSOL.
  3. Image an Installation of 1000+ PV Modules, we will have to do 1000 times the configuration process to calculate to outcome... How can we do this all in once ? Also the configuration is giving an red X. The max income is not set right in PVSOL, see image
  4. Martin, Would you like to add an option in pvsol that allows you to add and/or remove 1 panel with an east/west setup? See the added image. Thanks in advance.
  5. Dear Martin, Can you make an How-to correct configure Enphase micro-inverters video or explanation? Thank you in advance!
  6. Remu2


    Martin, Could you add APSystems Micro-Inverters into PVSOL? - YC600 (2x PV) - QS1 (4x PV) - YC1000 (4x PV - 3 fase) https://apsystems.com/ Thanks in advance.
  7. Dear Team Valentin/ Martin, Is there an option to import actual/current climate data with meteonorm? We would like to use Meteonorm only we find the data outdated, namely 1991 - 2010. Is this possible with the demo version of Meteonorm? Do you have an explanation for this if possible? We find the option with PVGIS insufficiently accurate, as you explained to us in our previous question. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Remu
  8. Remu2


    Thank you very much Martin for your anwser. This give us more insight in making an choice between PVGIS or Meteonorm. Yours sincerely, Remu
  9. Remu2


    Dear Martin, Team Valentin, Hope you had an great weekend. We wondered how it is possible that the kWh/kWp ratio of PVSOL in a south-facing installation (0 degrees) can yield more than the outcome of PVGIS? All factors that we can work with are the same; angle, orientation, location, etc. Thank you in advance. Greetingz!
  10. Dear Martin,/ Team Valentin, Can there be an option to input different roofes into 1 string ? Merci! Have a good weekend Martin.
  11. Hello Martin/ Team Valentin, Can you include in PVSOL Premium 2020 the option to edit or look into the inverter configuration AFTER initializing/ the "OK" button. (Within the editable PVSOL) We know the option to look into it is avaliable in the PDF rapport, but this is an detour for us, despite we like to edit it often. Merci d'avance! Kind regards, Remu
  12. Dear Martin / Valentin workers, We are working on an costum database with PV Modules. Now we like to import this database to other PV*SOL Premium users within our company. - How ? We've come past this tread but we dont understand it. Thereby we do not have the following path; C:\ProgramData\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVdatabase Merci d'avance! Greetings, Remu
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