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  1. Dear PVSol Team, Good Morning . Many thanks for the comprehensive answer and updating the Database in the PVSol. Have a nice day. BR Saad Durrani
  2. Good Morning PVSol team, For our new projects, we are looking to use Heckert NeMo 2.0 60M 325Wp (Data sheet attached ). Unfortunately, In PVSol PV Module Database currently files till Heckert NeMo 2.0 60M 315 Wp are available. Is it possible to create solar module file from datasheet ? I know low lights performance and IV characteristics curves are missing in the data sheet. Should I contact the PV manufacturer for this data and files ? Is it possible for you to provide me the solar module files or update the database? Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks and have a nice day 2019_06_Datenblatt_NeMo_2-0_60_M_315-325_vorlage.pdf
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