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  1. Hello Talal, the system type you are looking for -- offgrid plus electric car -- is not supported at the moment, I'm afraid. Best regards, Frederik
  2. Hi Jan Mackovic, could you send the two projects with the different module technologies so we can have a look? Best regards, Frederik
  3. Hallo Karl Barthe, wäre es möglich, mir die Projektdatei per privater Nachricht hier im Forum zukommen zu lassen? Sind bei der Planung viele Screenshots aus 3D angefertigt worden? Viele Grüße, Frederik
  4. Hello Fayez, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. Please let me redirect to this thread: Best regards, Frederik
  5. Hello AG_0113, Please have a look at The electricity production costs is the sum of costs for the lifetime over the energy produced in the lifetime. Lifetime in this case means the period you are taking as a basis https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/en/calculation/financial-analysis/ Battery charging windows are not possible at the moment Service life is the estimated time, after which the battery reaches its maximum full cycles and might be exchanged, which means there might be more investments. To estimate those costs you get this lifetime estimation. Do
  6. Hi Youssef RAHMANI, sorry for the late answer. There is none such possibilty than to use this only method. If your model still is not oriented the right way, you have to do this with an external software, I'm afraid. E.g. https://www.blender.org/ Best regards, Frederik
  7. Hi Daniel, I forwarded your request to our database team. Meanwhile you could use https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/2021/en/databases/components/pv-modules/ to create your own database entry so you could already continue your planning. The only unknown in the datasheets is the IAM which you could set to a conservative 0.95. When this last parameter is known, just exchange it in your own created entry to update your simulation results. Best regards, Frederik
  8. Hi Ola, could you send the project file via private message here in the forum? Best regards, Frederik
  9. Hi Marielle, our data is based on publications by Umweltbundesamt (UBA, the German Environment Agency) and is only valid for Germany. You might have to adapt it to local values. Additionally this value changes fast, so it is hard to give a long term valid default value in PV*SOL: https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/publikationen/entwicklung-der-spezifischen-kohlendioxid-5 https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/publikationen/entwicklung-der-spezifischen-kohlendioxid-6 You can specify this value in the Project options > AC Mains: https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/2021/en/pages/s
  10. developer_fw


    Hi Faruk, you cannot change system data entries. Only after copying them changes are allowed. They get saved then as a new entry. From our online help https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/2021/en/databases/components/ Best regards, Frederik
  11. developer_fw


    Hi Faruk, you can set the charging strategy within the database entry with regard to the state of charge. PV charging is preferred, but if a full charging is set, there might be used energy from the grid. Do you mean a time window when the battery should be charged from the grid? Best regards, Frederik
  12. Hi Younès81, did you try to deregister your serial number in the previous version? https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/2021/en/start/registration/#license-terms Best regards, Frederik
  13. Hi Zeira Alford, welcome to the forum! At first, have a look at the (probably) same question from yesterday evening for more information why this might happen: Could you reduce the complexity of your model? Is your model a simple model in terms of as few vertices as possible? In case you don't get along, you could send the model via private message, so I could check it. Best regards, Frederik
  14. Portuguese version below Hello victorsilvareis, thank you for the following request: My first guess is, this could be either the complexity of your model or the sensitivity of our import library. The 3D import fails with too complex models, e.g. from drone scan pictures stitched together via photogrammetry. Do you have the possibility to simplify your model prior to the import? What kind of file are you trying to import (.obj, sketchup, ...)? Sometimes objects like trees, cars or adjacent buildings are unnecessary if they are placed beneath the module area. Try to si
  15. Hi R.Bajra, thank you for your explanation. I got it wrong at first. I added comments to your very good explanation: Energy balance/Feed-in concept: I choose SURPLUS ENERGY right? Yes, this is correct. Price of Electricity sold to Third party ?? Which value is this? I set to zero. When this function can be used? This value is used for direct marketing via a contract over a long period (several decades) to a third party which you don't need in your case. TAB Feed-In tariff: Feed-in / Export Tariff: 52,75 EUR/MWh Correct.
  16. Hello Mateusz, yes, I am certain. In 3D mode the options dialogue is handled the same way as in the main PV*SOL program window: There are several "entry points" to this dialogue depending on where in the program you are. You can open the options dialogue from the page module configuration. Then it gets opened at the correct list entry on the left side directly: In case you are opening the options via the topmost settings icon the dialog gets opened at the list entry general: Import 3d models is part of this options dialogue. Best regar
  17. Hello anees, I forwarded your request to our sales team with the email address you have registered here in the forum. In case this email is not the correct one, please write me a private message here in the forum. Best regards, Frederik
  18. Hello R.Bajra, the system type you chose does show a feed-in tariff section and a from-grid tariff section on the page Financial Analysis, in case you selected surplus feed-in as feed-in concept. For both of those tariffs you can create a new tariff with your prices. I must admit that I don't fully understand what you are trying to achieve, but I interpret it as: You want to feed-in your surplus but at the same time you need to pay for your normal grid connection as usual. What is the difference between customer price and price from grid you mentioned above? For the case I understood
  19. Hi Mateusz, sorry for the late response! The Standard values dropdown sets the values for Minimal dimensions and Plane tolerance. Those are default values for the algorithm which tries to determine mounting surfaces onto your imported objects. Exact 3D objects: Objects that were created with a proper 3D software like e.g. https://www.blender.org/ or SketchUp. Since those models have low or no noise regarding their planes, the minimal dimensions of a detected plane is bigger, the plane tolerance is lower, since those planes are almost always in the same plane. Auto-generated
  20. Guten Tag Karl BArthe, ist unter Optionen > Simulationsergebnisse eingestellt, dass keine Ergebnisse in den Projektdateien mit abgespeichert werden? Viele Grüße, Frederik
  21. Hi Faruk, at the moment PV*SOL is no real-time application where you could stream data to, so there is no possibility to use weather forecast data. What kind of usecase do you have? Best regards, Frederik
  22. Hello pawelole, unfortunately this is indeed a bug in our configuration lib. Thank you for reporting! It is getting fixed. Best regards, Frederik
  23. developer_fw


    Hello Dominykas, 1. It depends on how your data looks like which you want to import. Depending on this, you choose the settings in the Import and load Load Profile window: Taking into account the chosen settings your file contains hourly values for 365 days. Those options define the number of values your file has to contain. These first fictional example lines show one value per line in kW, so 4.5kW in the first hour, 4.6kW in the next and so on. 2. You have to put the PVGIS irradiance data into a file, PV*SOL is able to import. There is an explanation in our on
  24. Hallo carpe diem, ich habe das Projekt geöffnet und simuliert. Bei mir sieht es am 25.12. folgendermaßen aus: Die Wärmepumpe läuft durch und nur um 9 Uhr wird ein Teil solar gedeckt. Zum Vergleich habe ich die Globalstrahlung mit eingeblendet. Minütlich: Welche Version von PV*SOL wurde genau verwendet? In der Menüleiste unter Hilfe > Info > System: Viele Grüße, Frederik
  25. Hallo carpe diem, wäre es möglich, uns eine Projektdatei zukommen zu lassen? Gerne hier im Forum per persönlicher Nachricht. Viele Grüße, Frederik
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