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  1. Hi patrik k, the problem here is, that PhotoPlan is external software that was bought by us a long time ago. Due to the age there is no maintenance and neither do we have the source code nor do we have permission to change anything. This is why my standard answers refer to bitmap manipulating. I tried a bit, there is no recipe, but with brightness, contrast and some colour variation, you could achieve this: Best regards, Frederik
  2. Hi jamesbm, thank you for reporting, I forwarded this issue. Best regards, Frederik
  3. Hi patrik k, sorry for the late response. Could you send me the "original" picture from PhotoPlan here or via private message? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Frederik
  4. Hi Douglas, 😅 everything OK, phew! The solar inverter branch of ABB has been sold to Fimer. https://new.abb.com/news/detail/57766/abb-completes-divestment-of-solar-inverter-business-to-fimer-spa The products have been transferred to the company Fimer. This means if you load a project containing an ABB inverter, the company name should then be updated, the product should be the same. Best regards, Frederik
  5. Hi Douglas, this is not intended and we are investigating this issue. Meanwhile you could use the inverters from the offline db by forcing PV*SOL to use the database from your harddrive. They are still in the database but are not visible somehow: Best regards, Frederik
  6. Hi Faruk, I must admit, that I don't know the exact requirements of the certificate. The easiest way is to send an email to our sales team. They are happy to help you out: sales@valentin-software.com Best regards, Frederik
  7. Hi Danielg, do you mean hourly measurements as a load profile? In our online help there is a description for the import: https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/2021/en/pages/consumption/#measured-appliances Best regards, Frederik
  8. Hi patrik k, please refer to your other thread: Best regards, Frederik
  9. Hi patrik k, this is not possible with Photo Plan. There is a workaround, which takes about 5 minutes using GIMP, an open source bitmap manupulation program https://www.gimp.org/ Open the picture Use the "Free Select"-Tool for selecting the module area Via Colors > Saturation set the saturation of the selected area to 0.0. Export the picture with the changes you made. Best regards, Frederik
  10. Hi patrik k, did you select complete installation in the setup? In case Photo Plan is not installed you could repeat the installation process. Best regards, Frederik
  11. Hallo Alexander Erber, entschuldige die späte Rückmeldung, Deine Rückfrage war bei mir untergegangen. Und meine letzte Antwort war falsch! PV*SOL erkennt nicht automatisch ein Schaltjahr. Bei den Klimadaten ist es so, dass der Schalttag, also der 29.02. im Voraus entfernt werden muss, ansonsten wird alles ab dem 29.02. um einen Tag nach hinten verschoben. Der 29.02. ist dann der 01.03. usw. Der 31.12. fällt weg. Bei den Lastprofilen ist es so, dass vorher eingestellt werden muss, wie viele Zeilen im einzulesenden Lastprofil enthalten sind. In der Simulation werden ebenfalls
  12. Hi Frido, there is a bug regarding the configuration: A simulation with Polystring Configuration does not produce any results per module area. By unchecking Polystring Configuration the results per module area should be invisible in the project report. The problem here is, that the configuration did not change physically, so PV*SOL does not simulate again, since the simulation model is the same. ...which results to missing results per module area: Workaround: Force simulation, if results per module area are missing. This bug is fixed in upcoming version 20
  13. Hallo Wolfgam, ich habe eben auf Deine ursprüngliche Frage hier geantwortet: Beste Grüße, Frederik
  14. Hallo Wolfgam, in diesem Falle handelt es sich bei den Meldungen nicht um Fehler, sondern Warnungen, die als unterstützende Hinweise dienen sollen. In der Hilfe sind diese hier aufgelistet: https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/2021/de/navigationsseiten/#meldungen-pvsol Das bedeutet, dass eine Simulation möglich ist! Durch Klick auf Ergebnisse wird simuliert. Die Situation auf der Seite Wechselrichter stellt sich dann so dar, dass alle Module verschaltet sind, zwei Warnungen auftreten und ebenfalls eine Warnung bei der Prüfung der Verschaltung auftritt (rotes Kreuz), wenn ein
  15. Hi Frido, ah OK, my bad. Might you be so kind and send me the PVSOLpremium.log via private message? I tried to reproduce this bug but were not successful so far. Thanks in advance and best regards, Frederik
  16. Hi Frido, sorry for the recurring inconvenience! Might it be possible to send the project file via private message for further investigation? Thanks in advance and best regards, Frederik
  17. Hi Frido, sorry for being vague. The result found in the per module area is not correct. The reason: The simulation results are perfectly fine, we make a mistake by writing the wrong string into the project report. This becomes clearer when you look at the diagrams with the irradiation totals. Best regards, Frederik
  18. Hi Lynette, this list varies depending on your System type and the configuration you choose (Nr. of inverters e.g.). For system type Grid-connected PV System the values are: Irradiance onto horizontal plane kWh/m² Diffuse Irradiation onto Horizontal Plane kWh/m² Outside Temperature °C Modulfläche 1: Height of Sun rad Modulfläche 1: Irradiance onto tilted surface kWh/m² Modulfläche 1: Module Temperature
  19. Hi Frido, this is indeed a bug. It is the value without losses from reflection and shading, which is listed in the project report per module area. Thank you for reporting! This is getting fixed in Version 2021 R6, since R5 is already out for approval. Best regards, Frederik
  20. Hi Martynas, you could manage it this way: Set your from-grid tariff to the normal price you have to pay. Additionally set the feed-in tariff to 5 cents below the from-grid tariff. This way the costs are included. Best regards, Frederik
  21. Hello Lynette, a) yes, it is! You can export the simulation results to a character separated values file: https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/2021/en/pages/presentation/#simulation-results b) Yes, with the current 3D the highest resolution is 10 minutes. We are working on improving that for the new 3D We would be very interested in the results of this research project. This could provide many opportunities for improvement. Best regards, Frederik
  22. Hi Frido, OK. Might it be possible to send me the file which you are trying to import via private message? Sometimes it is just the formatting of the input files. Please also have a look at this thread: Best regards, Frederik
  23. Hallo mlo, nein. Aber der Plan lässt sich als SVG exportieren und mit https://inkscape.org/ bearbeiten. Viele Grüße, Frederik
  24. Hi LynetteOC, sorry for the belated response. This is correct, the irradiation is assumed to be constant throughout the hour. This again illustrates the importance of simulations with minute values instead of using hourly values. Those minutely data can be synthesized for every location: https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/2021/en/calculation/irradiation/synthesis-of-minute-values/ Best regards, Frederik
  25. Hallo Wolfgam, das ist korrekt, der Vorschlag eines Wechselrichters wird anhand der installierten Leistung getroffen, da keine Vorsimulation statt findet. Diese Idee gibt es schon länger bei uns, deswegen habe ich sie nochmal im Team angesprochen und als Feature für die Verschaltung auf die Liste gesetzt. Beste Grüße, Frederik
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