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Found 8 results

  1. Matthew

    Optimiser P600

    Hi there, I'm trying to design a system where I'm going to use P600 optimisers by Solaredge. The optimisers will be located every other panel. At the moment the system is made up of 316 panels which means that 158 optimisers will be needed. And there it's where I get stuck. I'm using a SE82.8k solaredge inverter. I'm doing 5 strings of 26 optimisers and 1 of 28 so in total is 158 optimisers to cover 316 panels. I'm between the minimum optimisers require (14) and the maximum (30) but I get a message saying "the maximum output in string 1 of 11250W has been exceeded (Currently: 14820W)" On the MPP section I put "2 modules in series" in both strings but still not working. Could you help me on this please? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hello PV Sol team and friends, I know it has been already discussed, but I would like to have some support on my case. Here it is, I tried to connect modules who have different directions and tilts on only one inverter. The problem is I can't do it despite the power optimizer. The modules can't be connected altogether on one inverter. My goal is to have a system with : - Power optimizer on every modules (SolarEdge P300) - Only one E3/DC inverter mini with battery (so a DC system) I have enclosed my project, Thanks a lot for the support Kamal PVSOL_Projektplanung_SolarEdge_E3DC.pvprj
  3. Hallo Wenn ich eine Anlage Plane, und das gesammte Sortiment von SolarEdge in den Favoriten habe, bekomme ich bei der Verschaltung immer angezeigt, das es keine Passenden Komponenten gibt. Die gleiche Anlage mit dem gleichen Material mit dem Designer von SE funktioniert aber. Woran kann es liegen das die automatische Berechnung keine Komponenten findet? Freundliche Grüsse Christian Köppen
  4. Hi there, I am trying to design a solar PV system which uses 154x Hanwha Q.Peak DUO-G5 325 Rev3 modules. We plan on configuring these with a single SolarEdge SE50k inverter, but the SolarEdge inverters in PV*SOL only go up to SE33.3K. How can I go about using a SolarEdge SE50K on PV*SOL? Cheers, Jack
  5. Dear PV*Sol support team i have a question : when i tried to use power optimizer option i was told that it can be only used with SolarEdge inverters why is that? i remember when i spoke with some LG representative he told me that no problem and i use the power optimizer with their panels . so its a real issue or PV*Sol software limitation ? Thanks !
  6. Here is our new tutorial on how to connect multiple module areas on one MPP tracker (polystring) and how to use power optimizers in the new PV*SOL premium 2018. Also refer to this thread: We hope it helps! Kind regards, Martin
  7. How can I use the SolarEdge inverters and power optimizers in PV*SOL premium?
  8. Wie kann man die SolarEdge-Wechselrichter und Power Optimizer in PV*SOL premium simulieren?
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