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  1. timgreen13

    R11 -update

    Hello, i saw that R11 was updated. in the release note was written(see below), can you please explain the second point
  2. ohhh got it ! thank you:) So the 2014 is making a confusion 😅
  3. Dear Martin, 😧 i didn't understand where is the confusion? "This is because we only simulate one year" -why? , which year? thanks
  4. Dear Developers, why i see only 2014 year ?
  5. Thank you very much! especially for the tomatoes example :)))
  6. Dear Support, is there a way ti simulate the following thing: some PV plant producing 100 kWh per year (simple example) 1.this is the consumption of this house is 75 kWh 2.25 kWh goes to the grid with FIT of 2 cent 3.and also sometimes i possible that the consumption will be covered by the grid also (at night) can i make simulation that i will include in the finance report that will include all this 3 scenario=>3 different pricing 1.price for house consumption from the pv plant 2.feed in tariff 3.price for electricity covered by the grid
  7. Hello, if i buy a new computer , how can i transfer my license from the old computer ? or i can use the same key on both of them (i don't think so hh)
  8. I had the same situation and the first option was the easiest for me
  9. Hello, is it possible that there is a mistake in the database regarding ESS home 8 the max A per MPPT is 13A so you have 3 MPPT that mean the max supposed to be 13*3=39A? and in the datasheet you write 26A in the original datasheet from LG I found only this (see attached)
  10. Thanks! i just got the update:😁😁😁😁
  11. There new update so maybe it will fixed
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