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  1. Dear Frederik Thanks you for the answer. if i would like to estimante the % of total energy coming from the rear side ,is my cacluation ok ? so (24.8524.85kWh/m2 *4355m2)-32466kWh(bifacialty loss)=75755 75755/816889=~9% gain in energy from the rear side is this correct ? Thanks
  2. Dear Support (or users) i have a project that i did using bifacial moduls. 1.in the energy report i would like to know what is the % of total energy coming from the rear side? where i can see this ?(i see just the gain in irradiance) 2.and how the -0.66% (bificiality 70%) is calculated Thanks
  3. well this is first time after the update to 2021 ..
  4. Hello what can be the reason that the maps are not shown??
  5. hi it will be much easier for you to draw it in sketchup and import it in to PVSOL ilia
  6. if you mean like in pvsyst , i sure that pvsol didn't have this option
  7. hi, you mean that you dont see what i see ? ? im using the last version(but the trail 30 days) i also tested it on other laptop (full version of 2020 R5) and got the same results
  8. Hello, i'm doing a a project with complex roof . i set all the edge distance on 0 but still they are appear ...why is that ? see pic below(aslo the proj file) Yoshvia proj.pvprj
  9. @RicardoM the cable plan is not working on mounting systems
  10. Hi Joao Prates Thank you for the detailed information ! So one question ..do you know approx what the max size of area m2(3d building) that i possiable to import(after you drone him) and still have a good resalution ? thanks
  11. timgreen13

    PV Park

    Hello From my expireance and how i work is that for utiliy project (more then 3 MW) i'm using PVSyst ...less then that PVSOL the 2D mode is very weak to handeling big project-my opinion Thanks
  12. one more question what is the reason that in the database there is a pv modul (for example) but i can't find it on my PVSOL database(i have fully liecened +updates) thanks
  13. and what is going to include :)))
  14. timgreen13


    Dear Support, Is it possible to see how the cable losses are divided(by % or W) per string , for example i have 12 strings and the DC cable losses are 3% , which of this 12 strings got the st loss
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