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  1. hi, you mean that you dont see what i see ? ๐Ÿค” im using the last version(but the trail 30 days) i also tested it on other laptop (full version of 2020 R5) and got the same results
  2. Hello, i'm doing a a project with complex roof . i set all the edge distance on 0 but still they are appear ...why is that ? see pic below(aslo the proj file) Yoshvia proj.pvprj
  3. @RicardoM the cable plan is not working on mounting systems
  4. Hi Joao Prates Thank you for the detailed information ! So one question ..do you know approx what the max size of area m2(3d building) that i possiable to import(after you drone him) and still have a good resalution ? thanks
  5. timgreen13

    PV Park

    Hello From my expireance and how i work is that for utiliy project (more then 3 MW) i'm using PVSyst ...less then that PVSOL the 2D mode is very weak to handeling big project-my opinion Thanks
  6. one more question what is the reason that in the database there is a pv modul (for example) but i can't find it on my PVSOL database(i have fully liecened +updates) thanks
  7. and what is going to include :)))
  8. timgreen13


    Dear Support, Is it possible to see how the cable losses are divided(by % or W) per string , for example i have 12 strings and the DC cable losses are 3% , which of this 12 strings got the st loss
  9. timgreen13


    Dear Developers, i'm "playing" little bit with the cables planner just to see how it works and etc. i made this for example(questions below): why the cable losses AC are 0% -what i need to do in order to see something :)? because i tried to change allot of things and it's always 0% another thing: if i confirm the design above and will go to the cable losses : 1.why on the schematic drawing there is no information from the 3D cable modeling (cable length and etc.) the only thing that has some connection is the 0.95%(in gray) that mean if i want i can put it in the total losses right? Thank you!
  10. So if i understated right , if i only 12 values for consumption for each month (i don't have hourly/or by minute) for example jan-100 kwh feb-200 kwh mar-300 kwh and etc. i need to create consumption file accordingly ? and import it there is no direct way? just put the consumption value for each month (like in Aurora๐Ÿ˜…) thanks
  11. Dear PVSOL support, i would like to add monthly consumption to PVSOL, for example for each month from 1-12 to add his consumption(not the annually) what is the best why to do it? i tried to play with the % of the standard year -by dividing monthly consumption by yearly but the end result is not accurate
  12. timgreen13

    R11 -update

    Hello, i saw that R11 was updated. in the release note was written(see below), can you please explain the second point
  13. ohhh got it ! thank you:) So the 2014 is making a confusion ๐Ÿ˜…
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