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  1. Glad to know about the fix, thanks. About the map API, without being much of a priority comparing to other issues, it would be nice to have it reviewed or to use other tool. Right now for a couple of projects of mine I had to take a google maps print screen at a more appropriate scale and then manually enter the scale on PVSOL. This quite defeats the purpose of this feature having the maps right there.
  2. Yes, please do put QA over any release rush! Can't wait to take it out for a spin though... ☺️
  3. Hi, PV*SOL premium 2019 (R14) When creating a new 3D system from a map, the rotating tool arrows on the small tool box ribbon do not work, neither of them, Rotate Left or Rotate Right. The zoom level on the other hand is quite aggressive, it would be nice to have at least the double number of steps while zooming in and out. Video demonstration: Don't know if this goes on time for the new release next week, but it would be nice to see it, even if on a patch level build afterwards. Cheers, -jprates
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I truly appreciate it. Agree that as a design and general analysis tool PVSOL is probably one of the best out there, if not the best, no contest there. I think we need to distinguish 2 situations here: One is about requests for new features which to me seem basic and should have been there since ever (example full cabling systems) and another quite different is bug fixing to let existing features work as designed/advertised by Valentin Software. I’m resigned with waiting 1.5 years for a proper 3D module, and basic missing features missing like allowing AC junction boxes, cabling of mounting systems, etc. But neither I nor anyone can accept VS refusing to fix horrific bugs in memory allocation that prevent advertised existing functionality to work. If you have an application that crashes with out-of-memory error when it's only using 1.5GB out of 16GB with over 10 GB available, you need to accept there is a bug and fix it. EDIT: Let's not get off-topic. The purpose of this thread is to warn others not to fall into the 3D photogrammetry import trap on PVSOL, it's not about my problems.
  5. Just a friendly reminder the original question posed on this topic still remains unanswered, we're almost 1 month passed without clarification.
  6. Hi @Leon Norris, In order to prepare yourself to much bigger trouble, read this thread first. Judging by the size of your file, you'll have to do lots and lots of decimation first before even succeeding in importing into PVSOL. If your software doesn't support decimation and you don't want to spend lots of money, I recommend the freeware MeshLab, it does a decent job at this. Going back to the thread above, please remember you'll have to get bellow ~400k vertices to be able to import into PVSOL - your scan will get very low quality. Use .obj file format, it's the best one to import in PVSOL according to VS, and I do recommend you use .png for the texture file format, we found problems when using .jpg. GOOD LUCK!
  7. Hi @timgreen13, No, unfortunately no, and Valentin Software did not help either. In fact I just got a notice from WeTransfer saying no-one has downloaded the zip I sent to help them diagnose the issue and the file will be deleted in 2 days time... it's just sad: What I do know is that this is a memory allocation bug, PVSOL seems to always crash when slightly above 1GB memory usage. You can live with this if you have either a very simple system and 3D model or very few modules in it to compute shadows. In my case to prove PVSOL could simulate the shadowing with a few modules I deleted them all except 100 units, and indeed the sim ran fine with these 100 modules alone. Of course no-one would buy a 1k+ eur software to design small systems with just a few modules, so this is not acceptable.
  8. Some of Valentin's PVSOL Premium potential customers might have, as I did, decided to buy the software based on 3D modeling and shading simulation capabilities. Several anecdotal evidences of this capability can be found on this forum, and on promotion materials spread across several media by Valentin Software sales team. Let me give some examples below... Above - PVSOL Online Shop suggests drone usage for photogrammetry Above - Youtube tutorial suggesting the use of photogrammetry software for 3D import (Pix4D) Above: Feature advertised online since 2017, note the mention to "3D objects created with photos taken from a drone" I guess these examples should be enough to prove the spin over 3D photogrammetry and real life 3D models import into PVSOL. Most people most probably will do the same as we did, download the software and try it out with simple small examples, and it does work, how nice... we then decide to buy the software. Unfortunately it's only when starting to use it for real, with real projects, real data, real photogrammetry, that the trouble starts... errr... ok... let's go smaller then... decimate 3D model and retry... oops... there is a limit of ONLY 500.000 vertices! Anyone with the thinnest experience in photogrammetry knows 500k vertices is nothing, any model with such a low count of vertices is either a single building alone with very little detail and very decimated, or the scene is in terribly low quality with lots of 3D defects. This 500k vertices limit renders the 3D photogrammetry almost useless. In order to work with photogrammetry 3D models one has to decimate the model to a number of vertices really below the 500k vertices limit, because as reported in this other thread (without answer for weeks now) the vertices count is wrong and includes some own PVSOL vertices as overhead, limiting even further the model quality. We have no choice but to comply with the previously unmentioned limits, and we decimate the model further, making the 3D almost unrecognizable, and voila it finally loads and we can start designing the PV system believing all is well now, apart from the 3D miserable quality: This illusion ends as soon as we press the "Start shading frequency" button with the option to show shading percentages on the modules. With the example above, with only 320 modules, the application crashes with an "out-of-memory error": Now this is very strange because this is a 16GB machine and memory usage by PVSOL process never went above 1.4GB on all of the tests we did, so there is a nasty bug here. Valentin official answer is to just say we ran out of memory (despite proof we did not), and telling me "We would use the planning mode with map section.", yes really! So we are working with a 3D model decimated already to just a few hundred vertices, and still PVSOL can't cope with it. Astonishing! We did not give up, and went to the extent of DELETING part of the 3D model objects, parts that would not interfere with shading on the modules, and decimated even further. The result was an .obj file with just 82.034 vertices, that’s 16% of what PVSOL claims to be able to handle, and guess what... it still crashes and can't simulate shading. Conclusion: Don't be fooled by Valentin Software claims over the use of 3D import of photogrammetry models, it's nothing but a toy for micro systems, it's not for professional use. Hope this narrative is useful to anyone considering buying PVSOL Premium based on 3D photogrammetry imports. PS: I have found PVSOL capabilities in regards to computation to be flawless thus far, if you don't mind a miserable 3D component, it's worth it. The 3D module however is just lame. PPS: The worst part on this is that Valentin Software refuses to admit it has a memory management bug, and provides no real assistance nor solution apart from dropping 3D import.
  9. Just to update this thread: Most of my queries sent to support via email were finally answered last friday, albeit without a positive result. Was the wait worth it? No. The bottom line was: me: bugs found - VS: no timeline to fix, workaround suggested just don't use it me: lacking basic features - VS: perhaps they will appear on the next 3D version due in about 18 months from now me: feature not working as advertised - VS: don't use that feature One of the features was the main reason I bought PVSOL Premium, and I've seen more people on this forum asking about it, so I will open a new thread to explain it. Hopefully this will prevent others from falling into the same trap.
  10. I won't comment this last post of yours Martin, it's best if I don't.
  11. Dear Martin, If in the future you experience brake failure in your brand new auto, and your car manufacturer support line tells you "well if you don't want to experience brake failure and crash the car then just don't drive it", I hope you remember your current answer and realize how it feels on this end. Your nickname is developer_mh, which presumably tells us you're a software developer. As software developer you should know what multitasking is, and how to do healthy resource usage management. Windows introduced preemptive multitasking in its core on Windows NT 3 back in the 90's, and believe it or not, people have been taking advantage of it since then (for 30 years). When you have your software (PVSOL) running on a given machine, you can NOT take its resources for granted just for your program, simply because people might, and most probably are, using the computer to do other tasks while your program is running. For example I quite often am running photogrammetry and 3D processing, processes that in some cases take hours or even days to process, in the background. The last thing I want is to have PVSOL eating up my CPU and GPU without a reason! Just tell me: Why are you rendering the scene constantly even without any user input? If the scene did not change, why render it again and again? What's the point? If we are running a shading simulation animating the course of the sun in the sky or anything else that changes the view, then yes please do render, otherwise don't. Using between 20% and 40% of the CPU and GPU literally ALL THE TIME even when we're just staring at the screen is not acceptable, and you know it. If you fix it, we all gain, your software gets better, it's a win-win situation. Kind regards, Joao Prates
  12. Joao Prates

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    + fix memory allocation problems on 3D module (this is a MUST) + fix CPU and GPU usage on 3D module + cable plan for mounted systems + proper 3D import with support for larger number of vertices/faces + 64 bit version for better overall performance and PC resource usage And thanks for asking us.
  13. Please please please fix the memory and CPU usage issues on 3D module for that next release!!!
  14. This is very good news indeed. Any ETA on that major version?
  15. Hi all, I needed to do some comparisons between several project options, and noticed there is no way to have several projects open at the same time except to open PV*SOL for each one... not so good... The worst came when with only 3 project versions opened I could definitely notice a huge performance hit on my computer, even though nothing was being done on them. Opening task manager to see what exactly was causing this huger overload, this info showed up: The 3 opened projects were all above 17% CPU usage, plus even higher GPU usage, and this while sitting there idle on the 3D "cable plan" tab. I then exited the 3D module on each one, and the resource usage got back to what it is supposed to be when idle, i.e. near zero, CPU, GPU, and even low memory usage: I have been told there won't be any changes on the 3D module for at least 1,5 years to come (optimistically speaking). This absurd performance and resource usages are, in my view, something that needs urgent looking into, we can't wait weeks for it to be fixed, let alone years. To be clear, this thread is not about using 3 program instances at the same time, it is about one single instance taking 20% CPU and GPU while doing nothing. Please fix this ASAP. Thank you.
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