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  1. Hi Martin, I'm not sure I follow what you say or how it relates to my question but I have sent you my simulation results (pdf) via DM, as the PV*SOL file itself is too big. Let me know if it reaches you, if you need more information I'll be happy to e-mail it to you. Thanks and regards, Ricardo
  2. Hello dear developers, I'm working on a self-consumption project for which I'd like to calculate net present value, IRR, payback and cashflow and I noticed that PV*SOL seems to take the total produced energy for its financial calculations, instead of what is actually self-consumed by the customer (the rest of the energy is wasted, as we need to use a zero injection device to guarantee that none of the energy is fed into the grid). This is not right, as the benefit for the customer is the lower electricity bill due to the PV energy produced and consumed for his process, ther
  3. Thanks Martin, I had missed that. Kind regards, Ricardo
  4. Hi, Thanks for the quick replies and for pointing me to those threads. It seems I may indeed have made a mistake creating the module, but I don't know where. I didn't see the IAM value on the datasheet and I didn't see any way to enter it when I created the module, could you please show me how to do that and what value I should include? If having my project would help, please let me know how to send it to you privately, Martin, as it has some confidential information and I don't want to share it publicly 🙂 Thanks and regards, Ricardo
  5. Hello dear developers, I was recently comparing two simulations using different modules but with identical weather conditions and mounting surfaces and I was surprised by the difference in losses due to the reflection on the module's surface: I am a bit worried about this difference, as both modules are from the same manufacturer and both have anti-reflective coating. In the upper case, I had to create the module (JKM525M-7TL4-V), as it was not in the database, and I don't recall having been asked anything by PV*SOL in this regard, so I don't know if I may have made
  6. Good morning dear developers, I noticed that the Huawei SUN2000-40KTL inverter is not in the database, are there plans to upload it? I know I can do it myself, but I'm probably doing something wrong, as results are not as I expected, so I was just wondering. I'm attaching the datasheet (in Spanish, sorry) in case that helps. In the meantime, I'm not sure what the minimum feed-in power is for this inverter, so if you could help with that, it'd be great (I think my bad results may have to do with that). Thanks! Ficha técnica SUN2000-40KTL-US Español.pdf
  7. Thanks Martin, I do have those options set to No. After a few more tries I also managed to simulate it, perhaps it's just a big simulation coupled with an older computer so I'll just have to be patient. Thanks and regards, Ricardo
  8. That's a pity... Any thoughts on adding that to the software at some point? Kind regards, Ricardo
  9. Sure, just did. Thanks and regards, Ricardo
  10. RicardoM

    PV SOL crashes

    Hello again, PV SOL keeps crashing with a 2,5 MWp simulation I'm running. More specifically, it does the shading simulation but it crashes when I try to run the simulation. Could some of you developers maybe look at my file to see what is the issue? I simulated 1 MWp yesterday and it was fine. Thanks!!
  11. Dear PV SOL team, I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy. I wanted to ask, is it possible to change module mounting inclination on an existing simulation? For example, if I have 1 MWp with modules tilted 30º and I want the exact same type of modules, rows, inverter configuration, everything but I just want to change the module inclination to for example 15º, can I do that somehow without having to delete everything, create a new mounting system and start from scratch? If so it would be great and save me a lot of time. Thanks for your continued support in
  12. Thanks Martin, That almost looks like more work than starting from scratch, hehe. Are there any thoughts to provide a different solution in upcoming updates? Thanks again, stay safe!
  13. If that is not possible, if there were a way to copy and paste objects from one simulation to another that would also be helpful, but I don't know how to do that either.
  14. Good morning everyone, I hope you're all holding out well working from home or whatever. I usually create my simulations over a Google Maps image cropped to just the space I need so I can zoom in to the maximum and thus have more details. Then every once in a while I have the problem that I simulate a system and then the customer asks me to move the modules to an area close by but which is just outside the simulating area. For example, I just simulated the system shown below and the customer asked to move all the modules on the green building to the empty area to the north:
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