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  1. Update: just upgraded to R5, problem isn't resolved.
  2. Hi PVSOL team. Has something changed when using "create data for new location" using UK postcodes. Recently the pin is a distance away from the desired location. I ran a couple of tests - OX12 9SN - 2km away from correct location OX13 6BS - 4.2km away from correct location In both cases entering the postcodes into Google Earth gives the correct location. Sorry if this has been fixed recently, I need to pay for my maintenance (I will pay this week I promise!). James
  3. It sounds like you need to change the "Units" setting from kW to kWh. Hope that helps!
  4. jamesbm

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    Hi PVSOL team. I have had a quick play with the 2021 update. Are there any further features soon to arrive? I was really hoping for a few helpful features in the 3D modelling. As 90% of the time all that is required is a rectangular building outline with a line down the centre for a ridge some minor improvements would really help- -Snap to 90 degrees (or a rectangle drawing tool) -Snap to centre point for drawing ridge (or an "auto-ridge" feature) Thanks James
  5. I can across a similar challenge. This might be helpful -
  6. The answer is a bit silly but the next option along from "wall" is a "rotatable wall" Why you would have a wall that only runs east/west I do not know? Hope that helps.
  7. For a bit of balance - we work mainly in the range 100kWp-2MWp and get on very well with PVSOL (over the last 5+ years). The 3D model import isn't great so I tend to use the inbuilt 3D modelling. If I want to make attractive images for a proposal I use sketchup, for accurate yield projections I use PVSOL. I think viewed as a design and analysis tool PVSOL is great. I understand your frustration that PVSOL can't do everything but if you don't push the 3D modelling too hard it is great for - shading analysis, roof layout, stringing. I haven't used it much but the other well regard
  8. They are listed as "Hanwha Q.CELLS". Similarly if you are looking for Solis inverters they are "Ginlong (Solis)".
  9. jamesbm

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    This one is a bit tricky to explain but I will do my best. When setting a new location in "create climate data for a new location" by postcode the pin should be selectable. Even better the pin location could be set as the default location unless you select another point on the map. Once you search by postcode and the pin appears on the map you can't select the pin. You have to zoom in and select a point as close to the pin as possible. I'm sure this wasn't always the case? Thanks
  10. Yes please! it would be great if the default image was zoomed out enough to show all panels.
  11. Great, thanks for the update. I will chase both too. it would be a shame to miss the next update. While we are talking about updates - when is PVSOL 2020 due? I'm always excited to see what's new. James
  12. Hi PVSOL team, I have been chasing Trina and Solis through a distributor to get the Trina TSM-335DE06M.08(II) and Solis 5G inverter range updated with you. Trina tell me they sent the data some time ago, no response from Solis yet. Could you tell me if they will be in the next database update and when the update is due? Many thanks James
  13. jamesbm

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    1. More control when drawing lines: snap to 10cm or input to drive line length 2. Snap to mid point of line - the ridge of a roof is almost always in the middle 3. ctrl+Z to undo 4. better control when rotating the camera position 5. Higher resolution on panels when zoomed out 6. Default project image zoomed out enough to show whole array Keep up the good work PVSOL team.
  14. @Etinergy You can't do a genuinely curved roof in PV*SOL. You need to have multiple buildings with a single pitched roof. The other way is to model it in Sketchup then import it. If you are using Sketchup I would suggest you flatten sections with the width of 1 or 2 panels. If you import a curved roof I think PV*SOL will approximate it with multiple flat sections but you will end up with gaps between panels. It is quite hard work but you end up with something quite impressive. Good luck.
  15. Just to finish this off - the project is now complete. Drone image courtesy of Perfect Sense Energy. What a beauty!
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