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  1. Hey Martin, Yes our team is participating in Solar Decathlon in China in 2021 not in Europe as SD-Europe has been shifted to 2022 due to Covid-19. It is really good to know that you have been a previous participant in the event. Thank you for your help. I will check with my civil engg team how they can modify this design to suit PVSol requirements. Regards, Abhinav
  2. Dear PVSOL forum, I am working on a student project at Technical university of Denmark. I have to calculate solar potential for a house located in china and the house has a curved roof. However, when i try to see the object view, the PVSol is not accepting the roof and it gives an error that 'COVERABLE OBJECT REQUIRED'. I do not know how to make the PV system for a curved roof if i want it to be BIPV. I am also attaching the sketchup model and image of the house. I request you to kindly provide any help. Link for Sketch up - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gg4rN3-HSo5ZlVRfH1obZ7Cqtm
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