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    • Dear Team ,    how to create the cable plan for the pv panels created with mounting system in 3D . can we create the cable plan , by exporting  the plan to 2D or another other way possible for it.    
    • Hallo Gerald, wäre es möglich, das Projekt zu sehen? Gerne per PN an mich oder hier posten (nachdem sensible Daten entfernt wurden). Ohne das Projekt ist es leider schwer, etwas dazu zu sagen.. und ich verschiebe die Frage mal ins deutsche Forum, ok? Beste Grüße, Martin
    • Hello Din, unfortunately we have not implemented any automatisms in the program for such complex roof structures.
      The first part has already been done right. The simple parts you can extract using a scetched polygon section as ridge. (You see that here: https://youtu.be/69xE3TgZo9c?t=3m3s)
      For the more complex sections, you unfortunately have no choice but to extract them as individual arbitrary buldings and enter the eaves height and the inclination of the roof individually. If all this has been done correctly, the top edges of the roof surfaces automatically result the ridges. I hope I will find time to make a tutorial for that case soon.
      We're currently working on importing mesh data from programs like AutoCAD and Sketchup. But that still takes a while. I hope this answer helps you. Many greetings
    • Hallo, hab gerade ein Ugrade auf Premium erworben. Mein Problem ist, das der Stringplan in der Präsentation anders aussieht als er in der Anlagenplanung mit 3D-Visualisierung erstellt wurde. Bitte um Unterstützung. LG Gerald  
    • Dear Martin, Many thanks for such a positive reply!  Yes, I think you've distilled it down to what we would hope to see.   Exactly.  I have attached the technical notes from SMA and SolarEdge which give examples of how manufacturers are allowing this functionality to be configured.  Whilst we don't expect PVSol to replicate this functionality fully, initially having a facility to at least load shift from the defined peak hours would be fantastic.   Yes - the from-grid tariff in PV Sol already gives us the ability to set the From-grid Tariff periods, so I would expect we should be able to simply assign from-grid charging hours to these and schedule which months in the year this mode should apply.  Normally we would never program from-grid charging during the sunnier months as it would significantly reduce the battery's capacity for storing the surplus energy from the solar PV array. Kind regards, Oliver SMA SmartHome_Time-of-use-TI-en-10.pdf storedge_charge_discharge_profile_programming.pdf