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export 3d building

patrik k

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Hi Patrik,

that is a nice idea. Actually we thought that building companies would model the building that can then be imported in PV*SOL and not the other way round ? But it is nice to hear that people are considering to use PV*SOL as a building modelling tool. I will forward this idea to my colleagues of the 3D team.

Kind regards,


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I have several same building project buildings in different cities. It could be cool to make 3D plan in one city and after just copy ready made 3D to another map on new PVSol project. But I can't find such possibility. Could you please help me? Thanks 

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On 1/26/2021 at 11:21 AM, developer_mh said:


I think the beast way in your case would be to model the 3D building in an external 3D modelling software like sketchup and then import it in your PV*SOL projects. Unfortunately it is not possible right now to export 3D models from PV*SOL and then re-import them.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


Hi Martin, any news in this matter today? Thank you for your answer. Best regards, Pavel Kral

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Any updates on the ability to export a building to then import it into another PV Sol file? 

Found myself wishing for a feature akin to the above in varying situations, typically in situations where I have 2 buildings on the same site and I have a PV Sol file for each, however then for whatever reason I need to combine the two against one consumption.


Thank You

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