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"Results per Module Area" blank in Presentation


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Hello everyone,

I am having issues with the "Results per Module Area" part in the Presentation simply not having any content in it. Just a blank space till the end of page, next page starts with the next headline (see screenshot attached). I've tried to turn it of an on in the content settings, but still it does not fill in. 
Any fixes for this problem?
Premium 2020 R4.



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Dear all,

in the current version, PV*SOL premium 2020 R9, there is a bug when simulation large PV systems or inverters with plenty of MPP trackers that prevents these module area specific numbers to show up in the results section. The bug will be fixed with the upcoming release.

In the meanwhile you can use this work around. Open the file

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVSOL premium 2020\PVSOL.ini

and adjust the fields "MaxNumberOfInvertersForResults" and "MaxNumberOfMppsForResults" in this row:

<Results SaveHourlySimulationResults="False" SaveOneMinuteSimulationResults="False" SaveIVCurves="False" CalculateYieldLossDueToShading="True" MaxNumberOfInvertersForResults="10" MaxNumberOfMppsForResults="40" FeedInModel="1" WithIvCurves="0" IvCurvesMppTrackerNr="1" />

The numbers must be higher than the corresponding quantities in you project.

MaxNumberOfInvertersForResults="20" MaxNumberOfMppsForResults="100"


Hope that helps, and sorry for the inconvenience caused,


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Thanks for the workaround Martin!

Unfortunately, the workaround came too late for us, but I still want to share how we managed to still get the results needed:

We split the finished project (35 Module Areas total) up into two files. Then deleted ~50% of the Module Areas in the one file, and the other 50% in the other file.

This means we now have the project split up in multiple files, but at least we got the results we needed after putting all the time into making the PVSOL model.


I’d also like to mention that about two weeks ago we were in contact with the hotline via phone and email beacuse we had the same problem again. However they did not provide a fix for the problem. But now you did in the forum, and we only found out about it more or less by accident. Somewhat frustrating.

Anyhow, thanks again and sorry for my grumpiness,



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Hi Frederik,

funnily enough, I have this problem with every file I have tried today (three so far). Two of which I have already created and exported the documentation for without the issue last week.

I will provide you the following files shortly:

  • PVSol Project (created last week)
  • Corresponding pdf documentation exported last week (v01) where the issue wasn’t present.
  • Corresponding pdf documentation exported today (v02) with the issue of the blank Module Area results.

But as I mentioned, it happens with all of the project files I have tried so far today. Often, a restart of PVSol and/or my PC does the trick to resolve this issue, but not today it seems.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Frido,

there is a bug regarding the configuration: A simulation with Polystring Configuration does not produce any results per module area. By unchecking Polystring Configuration the results per module area should be invisible in the project report. The problem here is, that the configuration did not change physically, so PV*SOL does not simulate again, since the simulation model is the same.


...which results to missing results per module area:


Workaround: Force simulation, if results per module area are missing.


This bug is fixed in upcoming version 2021 R6.

Best regards,

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Hello everyone!

I am again having the same issue, now in 2021 R6. Not sure of the reason, but there are no polystring configs in my file. Forcing simulation doesn’t do the trick.
Is it possible that there is a limit to the amount of Module Areas displayed? Tested it after 16 Module Areas configured -> no problem. Tested again after 28 Module Areas total configured, -> now it is blank again.

EDIT: For troubleshooting, I deleted the first 16 Module Areas, leaving me with the latest 12 Areas. Simulation worked as expected. So there definitely seems to be some kind of limit to the amount of Module Areas displayed in the documentation?


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