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Importing Measured Climate Data


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On 7/22/2021 at 10:48 AM, developer_mh said:

it means that you irradiation data and the calculated position of the sun do not fit together

Hi @developer_mh,

I don't really understand what you mean by that. How are these two parameters linked? And why should the simulation behave differently whether or not I payed attention to converting summer and wintertime?

I get the same error message as @Endika: "MinuteSplitter: Input data and clear sky data are not sync.". When I import my hourly weather data file into PV*Sol, everything is working fine. I tried to simulate and everything works as intended. But when I switch so synthesized minute values, I get this error message.

I tried out check out my data visualy as you discibed, but to my untrained eye I think that it looks in sync.


I have to admit that my weather data is kind of stiched together, since I had to combine the data of different weather stations. Could you maybe have a look on my weather data and tell me what I have been missing? Thanks in advance!


Kind regards


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Hi Niklas,

the check you performed for 22.03. was absolutely correct, that was what I meant. Now, if you continue to check throughout the year, you will notice that from July on the data starts to get out of sync:


This is the reason why PV*SOL is not able to generate one-minute values.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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39 minutes ago, developer_mh said:

Hope that helps

Hi Martin,

thank you very much. That was just the right hint for me to spot my mistake 👍.

As I mentioned before, I had to combine weather data from multiple weather stations in relative close proximity. I worked on a relative complex python script, to concatenate and convert everything into one file readable by PV*SOL. My mistake was that I haven't payed attention to the format of the different timestamps. While some data was saved under a system time, other data was saved in the UTC format. In summertime I got an offset of +2 hours on days, where I had to calculate the average with the UTC data. I quickly aligned my timestamps and voilà ... everything is working fine.

I guess the core message of my question is:
Folks, keep an eye on your timestamps while merging different data sets 😉.

Again, thank you very much. Kind regards,


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