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  1. Thank you Martin. I finally have imported the file but now I've faced another problem. When I import minutal meteorological data and I try to simulate it minutely, I get the following error: "Error (MinuteSplitter: Input data and clear sky data are not sync.) I've tried importing the meteo data hourly (to simulate minutely) but I get the same message. I attach the meteorological data. Regards, Endika. PVSOL_MeteoGUNE_mm.dat
  2. Hello Valentín, I'm trying to import my meteorological hourly data and I've experienced the following problem: I've tried importing it as .dat Meteonorm file following this forum and PVSOL support but I've not been able to import it. The program shows that it's because of an error in the format (I attach a picture showing it). I am also attaching the meteo data I am trying to import. Thank you so much, Endika https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1V-NDObQ34yZNH0YULsJDX544wxcSLdfa?usp=sharing
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