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Land import for solar park as 3D design


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Hello support team,

I have some issue regarding my solar park design as land import from map selection option(3D).

1.As you can see in image that it we automatically consider Installation type to Mounted - Roof insted of Mounted-Open space.it means that it is consider a open space as roof!!! so how can i change it?

2.what if the land which i use has uneven surface then how can we calculate and change in our 3D design.

3.The number of panels are limited for large solar park design then what should i do if i have to design 10 MW Solar park in 3D .

I wil wait for your reply.

Thank you.


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Hello Sunny,

thank you for your questions and welcome to the forum! Let me try to answer:

1) If you want to change the installation type of a module array, just right click on it, select "Edit Array" and then change it to the desired value in this dialogue:


2) At the moment, we only support even surfaces in PV*SOL. They can have a slope, however. If you paint a polygon on the map import, and then select "Extrude 3D object", then select "Arbitray Open Surface" from the options list. For this type of object you can set a slope. One extreme example here:


3) The planning in the 3D environment is capable of handling up to 7,500 mounted modules or up to 10,000 roof-parallel modules on a modern computer. A 10 MW PV power plant would have around 33,000 modules when using 300Wp modules. This is far beyond the capabilities of the 3D environment. You can try this at your own risk if you change the limitation in the ini file here:

C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVSOL premium 2021\PVSOL.ini

Close PV*SOL, locate the elements 




and change the values to your liking. Then restart PV*SOL again. But don't be too enthusiastic, chances are that this will lead to regular crashes because of memory exceptions.

You could also either plan a substructure of the power plant, like 1 MW, and then scale the results with a factor of 10 (this you would have to do manually). Or you can design the PV plant in 2D, where the module limits don't apply.

Hope that helps, kind regards,



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Hi Marin!


Regarding your number 2, I imported a terrain model (I have no need for this myself at the moment, just wanted to try it) and got it to work kind of good in 10 minutes.






I'm sure that someone else can make this much better than what I have done in this mock-up. Just wanted to show that it's possible to do and that it may be easier than step #2 if the environment is complex. 

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Hi Trond!

Just import a 3d model into the 3d design and tick the "use as terrain model" box.




The issue then becomes to define mounting surfaces on the terrain. You can either draw mounting surfaces or have them automatically determined (beta). You can also tinker with the auto-settings to perhaps get better results.




Hope that helps.

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sorry for re-heating the topic

I have found a solution taht might help you with this.

To produce 3d terrain I used SketchUp (geo location) it takes 30 seconds to produce as per this yt video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jyc2CFolKY then you export it to .obj

In pvsol in 3d you can simply add it

if you use .obj instead of .3ds than it will save scale as well, from that point once you add it all you have to do is check box to say it is terrain model and you good to go



Edit 02/08/2023 fixed scale of ground texture

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Hi Design,

thanks for your report. Could you elaborate a bit more? Is the tool for creating the mounting surface usable? Is the mounting surface not created after it was drawn? And what kind of 3D object is it (open space or a building)?

You could also send me your project file via private message then I could look at the specific problem.

Kind regards


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Hello Design

Thank you for your request and screenshots. Since our 3D environment is limited in regard to the object size of imported models we did implement Informational messages to point our customers to when models are too big for an import.

  • The size of texture seems to be too big
  • The number of vertices seems to be too big

This is also the reason why the 3D environment crashes.

Please do always reduce your models to a minimum of detail for which you could assume a mostly correct shadow simulation. Please avoid intricate details which might be unimportant from the view of PV modules.

Did you try to reduce the size of your model before the import?

2 hours ago, Design said:

could you share details on how can I connect directly with you?

In this forum we try to share knowledge, questions and answers for and from the community, so on this platform this is the way to go.

As a customer you could reach out to our technical support team: https://valentin-software.com/en/support/technical-support/

Kind regards

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