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  1. Hello support team, I have some issue regarding my solar park design as land import from map selection option(3D). 1.As you can see in image that it we automatically consider Installation type to Mounted - Roof insted of Mounted-Open space.it means that it is consider a open space as roof!!! so how can i change it? 2.what if the land which i use has uneven surface then how can we calculate and change in our 3D design. 3.The number of panels are limited for large solar park design then what should i do if i have to design 10 MW Solar park in 3D . I wil wait for your reply. Thank you.
  2. Hello Team, i am planning use minimum number of Inverter for my large solarpark (0,5 MW) which has around 1056 Solar panel. how should i set the string and series so i can use minimum number of inverter(5 to 7). i tried with SMA,Sungrow,huawei invters but it take 40 inverters for this project. i got a suggest configuration of IBC Solar AG inveter but it also take 27 inveter. can you please help me to find solution that how can i set a strings?.
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