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  1. Hi Jimmy. This is relevant quite often for me. How did you import a terrain model?
  2. This fault is actually not consistent either.... On this file I drew one more polygon and extracted building. Same procedure as the first; but now it worked. File to Valentin_2.pvprj
  3. We experience the same issue in our company. This is a bug that has come quite recently. And it goes for all users File to Valentin.pvprj It looks like the problem occurs when drawing a building from polygon. When adding building from menu, it works as expected.
  4. Trond

    PV*SOL Wishlist

    Hi Valentine. We are distributor and we do most of our drawings for installers. Having a "Customer Database" would be very helpful. I also support the suggestions from @jamesbm and @Jon
  5. Thank you Ragy. Your settings did the trick and saved my day. BR Trond Norway
  6. Is it possible to have an example posted?
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