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  1. Heya Team, I observed on the inverter config page that the module surface orientation is different in the new PVSol version. As you can see in the image, I have two module surfaces facing Nord-west and Nord-ost but the inverter config shows only Nord-west Is this something that has actually been changed in the new version or is it a bug? Thank you!
  2. Hey Valentin Team, I tried simulating one of our PV systems with Fronius ECO 27 inverter, which as per its Datenblatt, has max input voltage of 1.000V The modules I used are SOLON R-WF 120p.2/370 with max Voc of 40,81V There is a warning that max Voc of inverter is crossed when I used 24 modules (24*40,81 = 980V) on one string. What am I missing here?? Thank you!!
  3. To my knowledge, the system operator receives Ausfallvergütung only under special conditions, like when Einspeisevergütung or Direktvermarktung fails. Even then, the operator has to apply for Ausfallvergütung to receive the compensation. So these are very special cases and I don't think it's possible to calculate in PVSol
  4. Hello Lukas, May I ask if you can share a screenshot of Financial analysis page or the project report? May be we can find out something Just curious to see what might go wrong -Vishnu
  5. Hey there, There was similar question on this forum already. Hope it helps
  6. Main input parameter for this is "electricity tariff from grid" which one provides as input
  7. Vishnu


    Hey Marcel, There is no undo function available in PV*Sol. I remember one of the admins mentioning that implementing undo function is pretty complex. We can consider ourselves lucky should it be on the wishlist -Vishnu
  8. Hallo there, I was wondering if there is a possibility to add power price (€/kW) in addition to energy preis in PV Sol or is this still on your wish list? Thank you, Vishnu
  9. You can get rid off them by setting the distance to edge to zero in "Edge distances"
  10. Hello Lukasz, You can only do that by selecting a 3ph inverter instead of a 1ph inverter. -Vishnu
  11. Hi Miguel, To my knowledge I haven't seen any option in PVSol to set the life-time of the battery. May be PVSol considers the degradation of the battery which inturn impacts the efficiency and eventually the energy that can be stored in the battery. -Vishnu
  12. Hallo PV Sol Team, Ja I know it's hard to get back to work after such a good Berlin weekend So talking business, we are planning a 15kWp system with 2xSungrow Hybrid HV SH6.0 RT inverters each of which gets one LG Chem Resu 10 batterie. However this combo is not readily available in PV Sol. I was wondering if there is an option to select only LG Chem batterie under batterie section as I can already simulate the system with the inverter. Also is there a possibility to simulate a system with two inverters having one batterie each? Thank you, Vishnu
  13. Hello Ragy, I checked your system's configuration and I see there are 17 modules in a string and the modules have NOCT voltage of 39,8V which under NOCT gives 676,6V string voltage. The inverter's MPP voltage range is 570-850V. So as you expected it is possible that the string voltage is only slightly above DC start voltage of inverter (620V) To my knowledge, this impacts the efficiency and hence is high power loss due to MPP voltage range. This is only my opinion and the PV Sol team can give a better explaination Regards
  14. Hey Ricardo, These are two different modules and there is no reason for me to believe that both the modules have similar anti-reflection coating and cell-surface polishing for Total Internal Reflection (TIR). I also see some difference in Module inclination and orientation losses. Of course it is marginal but this still could show some impact on reflection losses. -Vishnu
  15. Hello Reint, It is hard to say why there is no significant difference between system with SolarEdge and Huawei inverter without info about your project. Have you tried comparing the Energy Balance sheet of both the systems? Optimizers would definitely reduce impact of shaded modules on the whole string. But Energy Balance would give better understanding Thanks, Vishnu
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