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  1. Ok, I undersand. But then PVSol assumes that a new battery will be purchased but not the investment in the new battery, correct? Thank you for all the help. Best Regards, Miguel
  2. Thank you Martin, I would add another question, on the subject of batteries. What happens after the end of the lifetime of the battery,? Does the system stops taking the energy from the batteries into account?
  3. Thank you Martin, It does help, but then I have two more questions. I actually thought I had an AC coupled battery system. Is that possible? How to change from an AC to DC coupled system and vice-versa? Second, I don't understand how I can have 3x inverter conected to the DC battery system because I difined the battery system and the inverter in different tabs. Again, thank you, Miguel
  4. Hi, I am trying to design a battery system connected to the gridd and I am having some troubles. The system I wanted to design has three different inverters, each one with 3 batteries connected. But I think I can only connect the batteries to one of the inverters? Thank you in advance! Miguel Santos Silva
  5. Hi, I am facing a similair problem with the inverters. When I choose to make a new entry, can I also create a new brand? It seems to me that I have to choose one of the brands available. Thank you. Regards, Miguel
  6. Hello, I am a new user of PVSol and I am facing some problems to understand the different consumption profiles available. After reading the consumption section available in the website, I have the following questions: When I choose a measured load profile (example BDEW commercial load profile G1), I can only see the monthly values. Does it mean that in those curves the hourly consumtion is constant? When I choose a daily load profile, is there a way to specify that the consumption is different on different days in a week? Example if a business does not run on a weekend, the co
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