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  1. Hi, Thanks for explain it. You say that when I use battery system I should calculate with surplus feed in tarrif?
  2. Hi, Thanks for reply, Of course I share here screenshot when on left column is PV without battery and on right column is PV with battery and I proide project files. PV with battery.pvprj PV without battery.pvprj
  3. Hi, I have trouble with financial analysis calculation with and without battery. If I calculate with battery so level of self-sufficiency is bigger but financial analysis tell me that return of assets, amortization period and revenue or saving are same like without battery. The price of both systems are same. When I donĀ“t change price of project and I use battery then assets, amortization period and revenue or saving should be better, not same like without battery. Please tell me when I was do a mistake. Thanks Lukas
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