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Symbols-adding button in cables page not shown


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Today I bought a license of the new PVSOL Premium 2010 R3 software and when doing projects, I can't find the add button on the cables pages which is used to add symbols in the circuit diagram. It's on my nervous and really don't understand. One note also that the final letter of word "symbol" is not shown like it's whipped out or something. Kindly advise me what's the solution and reason for this problem. I attached here also a snapshot of the cables screen showing no add buttons.

Al Masjid Al Jamiع El-Shorouk PV ONG - Offer - R01.pdf

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Hi Ragy,

thank you for the screenshot. This looks very weird, I haven't seen anything like that. Also the button bar has a much larger spacing than usually. I guess there is something wrong the DPI scaling settings. Could you try the following:

  • Right click on the shortcut icon of PV*SOL on your desktop
  • If you don't have a shortcut icon there, locate the PVSOLpremium.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVSOL premium 2020, and right clik there
  • Select Properties and then the tab "Compatibility"
  • Play around with the options under "High DPI settings", often our customers report that with the settings "High DPI scaling override" set to "Application" things are displayed correctly
  • You can also try to set the Compatiblity mode to Windows 8


We'd be glad if you could report which settings helped for your computer (if any).

Kind regards,


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Dear Martin,


I'm so happy now. Thank you it worked but with some additions to what you recommended. I made it to run as Windows 8 compatibility, changed the override to "system" and made it run as "Administrator". Please see a screenshot of the clicked/selected properties. 


Thank you so much


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