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  1. Hello Vishnu, Thank you also for your reply and time. I think your reply was similar to what the developers replied; it's related to the much self-shading on the modules which in turn made the string voltage during sometimes of the year drop below the min. MPP voltage range.
  2. Dear Martin, I can't thank you enough for the prompt and professional reply and support. It's really helpful. besides the shading problem, which is the main one, because of your reply I noticed also that the inverter's MPPT range is relatively narrow, which is something I may need to take care of in our next projects. One more thing: It's impressive how the PVSOL evaluates the system losses, particularly considering the MPP down-regulation which I haven't seen in similar design and simulation software so far! that made me love PVSOL even more. Finally, I would be glad to hear your opinion about solving this problem should you don't mind. Thanks again and all the best
  3. Dear developer team, I hope my message finds you very well, I have an question which is so urgent please. This simulation I have been doing is critical to the point that many decisions will be taken on for this already running PV system. I'm acting as a consultant for this system hence results and its explanation is important. My question is why for this project (project file and PDF simulation report are attached) the losses due to down regulation on the account of mpp voltage is so high? it represents almost 9% of the annual losses? I can see that the operating voltage is operating normally and within the range of the MPP voltage of the inverter, however there are lots of self-shading as you can see in the 3D design and the energy balance. Could this be the reason? and what's the physical explanation to these down regulation losses? does it mean for example that there are many times during the year that the operating voltage will fall behind or beyond the MPP tracking range? I don't get it. Will a minutely simulation will be useful in this case? could the inverter be the reason? Please advise as the situation is critical and thank you for your usual great support! Sharm Bride Hotel - Actual - 9 Sept R02.pvprj Sharm Bride Hotel design & simulation - as built - 13 Sept R02.pdf
  4. Dear team, Based on the attached screenshot, I've tried tens of times to compare the results of 2 projects, where they are exactly the same except the tilt angle. For the one with the zero titl, I can't find its result in the comparison although all simulation and other data are done in the project files. Is this a file problem? May you help please?
  5. Hello, I downloaded PVSOL Premium 2020 from the website Solar Design Co and I bought the license, but doesn't complete the installation and giving me a/m error message in the title. Please see screenshot attached. What's the solution for this?
  6. Dear Martin, I'm so happy now. Thank you it worked but with some additions to what you recommended. I made it to run as Windows 8 compatibility, changed the override to "system" and made it run as "Administrator". Please see a screenshot of the clicked/selected properties. Thank you so much
  7. Dear Martin, Please see attached screenshot. No add button, no letter "l" from the word symbol. could you help? Please note that I re-installed the software again and still having this problem.
  8. Hello, Today I bought a license of the new PVSOL Premium 2010 R3 software and when doing projects, I can't find the add button on the cables pages which is used to add symbols in the circuit diagram. It's on my nervous and really don't understand. One note also that the final letter of word "symbol" is not shown like it's whipped out or something. Kindly advise me what's the solution and reason for this problem. I attached here also a snapshot of the cables screen showing no add buttons. Al Masjid Al JamiŲ¹ El-Shorouk PV ONG - Offer - R01.pdf
  9. Dear Martin, Thank you so much for your useful reply. Today, you learnt me something new! I use licensed PVSol since months and I'm a big fan of it, but I thought a formula for this particular calculation may be easily derived. I decided already that final PV systems planning shall be done only by the software. However, in case modules manufacturers know the Vmpp temp. Coefficient is it then accurate to use it or still simulation give better results? Thank you again
  10. Dear developer_mh, Can you please advise how then can we get the Vmpp temp. coefficient, and if only the Voc temp. coefficient is available in the data sheet can we determine the Vmpp temp. coefficient out of it? As per the NEC NFPA70 A.690 and some practices, it's accepted to consider the Pmax. temp. coefficient in case Vmpp temp. coef. is not available. Is this correct? While as per RENAC installation training if the Vmpp temp. coeff. is not available then consider the Voc one (either in mV or %/C). Kindly advise?
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