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Trina Tallmax TSM-DE15M(II) 400W and Jinko Cheetah HC JKM340M-60H-V

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We are in the phase of planning and designing a lot of plant's with the Trina Tallmax TSM-DE15M(II) 400W and Jinko Cheetah HC JKM340M-60H-V, but they cannot be found in the database.

Do you have any idea if they are planned to be imported and available for use in the near future?

Would be highly appriciated if we could start using these modules soon ?

Best Regards


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Hi Daniel,

thank you for reporting these missing modules. In general, the manufacturers are responsible for entering their modules into our database, so we will inform them that there are modules missing.

You can also write directly to our database team at database@valentin-software.com if you want to report missing products.

Kind regards,


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side note:

we recently overhauled our whole database eco system, and as a side effect we now have a website where you can see the current state of our database and what modules are available:


Current list of Jinko modules for example:


These new databases will be connected to PV*SOL from the next major version on.

Kind regards,


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