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Optimising system size from 30min interval consumption data, available area, etc


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Hello everyone,

I'd like to talk about optimising solar pv system sizes for commercial scale projects.

When there is 30min interval consumption data, and information on constraints such as; available area and export limits - planning the right balance between system size and financial payback/ROI can be a slow and iterative process. The way I see optimising solar pv system sizes for commercial scale projects is by making simulation, after simulation, after simulation of different system sizes in an effort to arrive at the golden system size.

I was wondering if there are any methods via PVSol, or external to PVSol, that can speed up the process of arriving at the golden system size?

I guess this begs to ask what makes a golden system size? In this case, the projects are commercial financially-single-minded projects, I would suggest optimal payback/ROI would be the measure...

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