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Hello everyone, please share your best image/design created with PV Sol. Why? - To show and explain the best ways to create visually attractive solar systems.

This is mine created with amazing PV Sol;

A new-build housing development in the UK - instead of roofing with attractive expensive Cornish slate, the contractor wants to reduce their material costs by installing in-roof panels and experiment with how 'green' they could get. We were able show the contractor thier project in PV Sol by;Importing the site plan, altering the orientation and referencing elevation plans to recreate the neibourhood. Orange buildings highlight PV systems within public view, lighter buildings highlight PV systems with limited public view, grey buildings highlight properties outside consideration. 

The image went down so well it was reported the contractor specially printed this at poster size to show and tell to Prince Charles of Wales.



South West.jpg

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This is excellent, Jordn! Thank you for sharing this. Impressive! Really a nice idea to share those projects. Some time ago there was another project from UK that was shared here in the forum, let me see if I can find it.

Here it is. I like it because there is also a picture of the real PV system:

Kind regards,


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This is a screenshot recording of the above residential development in Cornwall, UK. 

•90 x Candidate Properties

•750 x SunPower Maxeon3 370W All Black panels in-roof

•1,320m² total solar PV roof coverage


•Annual Energy yield of 270,000kWh

•Annual 〖CO〗_2 emissions avoided 163,000 kg


•25 year Solar Panel warranty

•12 year Inverter warranty

•10 year Workmanship warranty

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i tried to record a similar video for one of our projects but the animation is available only for year 2017. is it possible to select the current year. 

i know, this may not make a big difference but, you know, marketing people can be really annoying to get these details right. no offense to marketing people reading this ?

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