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PV*SOL Premium 2020

A Elghobashy

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we plan to release PV*SOL premium 2020 R1 in January, so this month. You can expect it in the days from Jan 21 on. We are now in the finalizing phase, and so far all goes according to plan.

The feature list will be published together with the release :) I don't want to spoil the surprise here..

Kind regards,


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  • developer_fw changed the title to PV*SOL Premium 2020

Hi there,

And in case I have the 2018 version and want to upgrade to 2020?

From what I've seen the update prices to the newer version vary from version to version.

Should I wait until 2020 is available or buy the 2019 R14 upgrade and when 2020 is available I will get the update?



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Errr... guys just one question... is this normal?


I was assuming that by accepting the 2020 setup I was asking for an upgrade, not an extra install...

Just realized after calling PVSOL that the old 2019 version was still being called and executed, it was not uninstalled at all.

Shouldn't the 2020 setup uninstall the 2019 prior to installing itself?

What now? Is it safe to uninstall the 2019 version, or will this currupt and/or delete registry keys used by 2020 and I should reinstall 2020 once again after uninstalling 2019?

Argh... what a mess... not the best way to start using PVSOL 2020!

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Hi Joao,

yes, this is normal. Only Bugfix/Smaller releases inside one major family replace the preceding installation. For example PV*SOL premium 2020 R4 will replace 2020 R3, but 2020 R1 will not replace 2019 R14 or any other version before it.

This is intended behaviour, as some customers still want to use their old version for a while, and only switch slowly step by step. If you don't want 2019 on your machine, it is safe to uninstall it.

Kind regards,


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